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World Cup 2000
Chirico & others


Sydney Olympic Pool Photos

Synchro Photos

Profiles of Age Group Divers at World Cup

Link and Long bring home the bacon. The pair placed 8th on platform, earning the USA one of only eight Synchro slots at the summer Olympics.


Odile Arboles-Souchon and Julie Danaux of France did not compete in individual events but specialized in Synchro diving, and it paid off with a second place finish and a team qualification into the Olympics.

Rebecca Gilmore and Loudy Tourky of Australia place 3rd in the Women's Platform Synchro.

In the women's synchro 3-meter contest, KathyPesek and Tracy Bonner dove very well, but it was not enough to final in this amazing contest, the pair missed an Olympic berth for the US by only 4 points. Clearly a new standard was set for synchronized diving, and this event is going to be a big hit at the Olympics

DavidPichler And Chuck Wade earned a Synchro slot for the US on men's platform. After a slow start the duo scored a much needed 76 points on each of the last two dives to finish in sixth.

Dmitry Sautin won the 3 meter men's contest. Sautin easily jumped higher and finished his dives higher than any other diver here. Sautin dives had a very consistent, narrow range of between 76.50 and 83.70. Xiao Hailing of China had the highest scoring dive of the 3 meter finals - a 5154B which scored 89.76 points.

Ruiz and Ramirez get the job done, placing 4th in a great Men's Synchro 3 meter event. This gives the US one one seven slots at the Olympics in Synchro diving.

Pesek places 9th and Wilkinson 12th and for US in women's 10 meter.

Team Standing China, Russia and Australia.

This world cup is the largest FINA International Meet ever. With 178 divers from 38 countries around the world.

The pool sits on the outer ring of the Olympic area, a 40 minute train ride (the locals' claim is 20 minutes) from downtown Sydney. There are not yet shops near the pool so the divers are spending time in Sydney. The people of Australia are very welcoming and friendly. Inside the pool every event starts on time, outside the pool everything runs a little late. One thing we've learned is thatif a local says it takes 30 minutes in Australian they mean 60 minutes American.

Team Canada Philippe Comtois and Etienne Gauthier performing a 301A and 401A

Team USA Kristin Link and Lindsay Long.


Women's 1 meter Final

Women's 10 meter Prelims

Men's 1 Meter Final

Women's 10 meter Finals

Men's 3m Synchro Prelims

Men's Synchro 3m Finals

Men's 3m Prelims

Men's 3m Semi-Finals

Men's 3m Finals


Women's 10m Synchro Prelims

Women's 10m Synchro Finals

Women's 3m Prelims

Women's 3m Semi-Finals

Men's Synchro 10m Prelims

Women's 3m Finals

Men's Synchro 10m Finals

Synchro Photos

Men's 10m Semi-Finals

Men's 10m Finals

Women's 3m Synchro Semi-Finals

Women's 3m Synchro Final

These are large files and may take time to load. Results include dives and judges' scores.


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