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Miami Update
Joe Chirico

Update Letters of Support I Is Football to Blame

Randy Ableman of Miami University reported tonight that the men's diving team will continue to keep their scholarships. Also the diving team will compete throughout the next season. The University of Miami will maintain the diving team separate from the swimming team until the divers scholarships have expired. The divers will compete at invitational meets throughout the season. Divers will also be able to compete at the NCAA Zone meet and the NCAA Championships.

Anyone wishing to send a letter to the University of Miami athletic department is encouraged to do so. Letters of support for the swimming and diving team and and especially the diving team would be greatly appreciated and possibly influence the decision on whether to keep the divers beyond their scholarship and permanently maintain a diving team. Coaches and divers will only be helping themselves and the future of diving by sending in such a letter. The letters of support may not bring back of men's swimming and diving team however may help extend the life of the diving team and make it permanent.

If you choose to write such a letter here some points you may want to include:

  • How the university's location makes it a magnet for divers throughout the world.

  • That the university already has in place one of the top coaches in the country, along with several of the best divers in the world.

  • How closely University is associated with swimming and diving especial the diving program.

  • How the diving has brought the University national and international recognition.

  • Is this any way to reward a successful program.

Send to

University of Miami

Athletic Director Paul Dee

5821 San Amaro Drive

Coral Gables, FL 33146

Letters of Support



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