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Miami Diving Support Letters
Gerrick Winston, Sally Hansell,Nick Gavolas, Dr.Laszlo Doemeny
Letters of Support for Miami
Gerrick Winston Sally Hansell Nick Gavolas Dr.Laszlo Doemeny
Penelope K. Cano Don Fearon   Is Football to Blame

Mr. Dee,

I felt compelled to write this letter to you in concern for the recent decision that was made in regards to the men's swimming and diving program. It is honestly a travesty of judgment on the part of your office in undoing the many years of hard work, dedication, and professionalism the coaches and athletes have put forth in the name of the University of Miami. Everyone in the country, and even the world, has heard of the great exploits the University of Miami Hurricanes Diving Team has accomplished over the years.† Any time anyone in the world of diving hears the name Miami Diving, the stories begin immediately, of how much of a dominating force they are in our sport. Names like Chris Mantilla, Tyce Routson, Brian Gillooly, Rio Ramirez, and even newcomer Kyle Prandi, evoke a sense of pride, honor, and respect The many national and world champions that preceded them at Miami. Because all of these fine athletes have represented our country proudly in national and international competition, and with distinction.

When was the last time your athletes on the basketball or football squad represented the United States of America in international competition in their particular sport?

The University of Miami seems to have been a Mecca of sorts for the sports of swimming and diving for a long time.† Randy Ableman, a superb diving coach indeed, has brought in a bevy of world-class athletes to your establishment and deserves a lot more respect than you've shown in getting rid of a program that adds class to an athletic program that is already, according to many Americans, synonymous with excellence.

†I would hope that you would seriously reconsider the decision you've made to rid your institution of a diving program that has brought so much success to the name of the University of Miami, and give credit where credit is due.

Yours truly,

Gerrick Winston

Nashville Tenn.

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††† Same thing happened to me - even after building the most successful

diving program and one of the most successful sports in the Junior College's

history and after setting all of the records to be set in Jr. College diving.†

Gender equity with women becoming more important than me so to speak.

Sally Hansell

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From: Nick Gavolas
7836 Lee Run Rd
Poland, OH 44514

Thank you for using AOL's legislative information services to contact your representatives. This message is to confirm that the letter included below was sent to the following legislators:

Sen. Mike DeWine
Copy of message text follows:

Dear Senator:
On Feb. 28,2000 University
of Miami dropped their mens swimming and diving program in an effort to come into compliance with tittle IX regulations. As stated by
their atletic director it was not a cut about money. It was done on order to
comply with student body make up. U of M has a ratio of 54 percent female to 46
oercent male . as part of the 1972 law this ratio must also be reflected in the
athletic programs. This part of the law is impossible to comply with without
majorcuts and without dicrimination against men program. Please consider taking
a look at this part of Tittle IX Athletes just want to participate and are
suffering dicscriminations that i don't believe was the intent of Tittle IX

Thank You

Nick Gavolas
Head Womens
Diving Coach
Youngstown State

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Dear Mr. Dee:

I am joining in disbelief to many a member of the domestic as well as of the international sports community in general and the diving community in particular on the matter how University of Miami treated the matter of its male swimming and diving program that the gender ratio's inequity at the school brought about. The named program, particularly the diving program, has been by any estimation one of the most successful one in the country since the inception of the University producing great number of All-American, national champion and Olympian athlete.

This exceptional parade of success, coupled with the ideal location of the University, has been a magnet drawing student-athlete to the University thus creating name for themselves and bringing international recognition for their school. The University already has in place one of the most revered coaches in the country, along with a number of top divers in the world who already qualified to participate in the coming Olympic Games. Is this the program your University plans to eliminate?

I realize that the University has to deal with the problem imposed by Title IX. I also realize, however, that an institution like yours, has the knowhow to bring about a just and acceptable solution to the problem so that your male diving program will be allowed to continue to flourish untouched.

Very sincerely yours,

Dr.Laszlo Doemeny

Follow Up

Dear Joe, today I sent an e-mail to Mr.Tamas Deutch, Minister of Sports of the Republic o Hungary. I urged him to send a message of sympathy for his former squad as well as a message of asking for just and favorable amends to the problem. Deutch is an alumnus of the University of Miami and had been one of the most successful member of the swimming team there (Big East champion, All-American) from '63-to 96. I hope that upon with my name on the Hungarian diving record, he will send his message/letter to Miami. Best regards


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Athletic Director Paul Dee

University of Miami

5821 San Amaro Drive

Coral Gables, FL† 33146

Dear Mr. Dee,

††††††††††† This morning a memo arrived via E-mail with the shocking news that the University of Miami will discontinued its Swimming and Diving program. I feel that this will be detrimental to the University, but more importantly, it will be severely damaging to the United States position as an Olympic competitor.

††††††††††† The University of Miami has been one of the outstanding choices of schools for a student with a desire for academic excellence, diving ability, and Olympic aspirations. Because of its location, it allows the year-round training necessary to produce that caliber athlete. Consequently, as its record demonstrates, it has been able to attract both the coaches and the athletes capable of these achievements. For many young divers, it has been the means to gain a good education while still maintaining the dream of U. S. Olympic gold. There are not many who can afford this dream without the support of a University while, at the same time, preparing for life. This is not a way to reward a very successful program. The University of Miamiís decision to discontinue the diving program can, and will, have far reaching ramifications in both the diving community and U.S. Olympics. Because of the University of Miamiís prominence in the diving world, it is probable other universities will follow its example.

††††††††††† The decision also has personal implications. My son, Salvador Vilardo, a 17-year-old high school junior, is a diver. His first JO National finals competition was in 1994. He has been a finalist at age group Nationals in all three events since then. Two years ago, he won a first and second place at East Junior Nationals. Last year he won both boards at West Junior Nationals. Both years, he represented the United States in international competition. He qualified for Senior Nationals three years ago in Synchro (before it was an ďeventĒ) and has qualified the last two years in other events as well. Because of all the things it has to offer, the University of Miami would have been one of his top choices of colleges when he applies next fall.

††††††††††† A few years ago, menís gymnastics was phased out as a college sport for the same reason as the University of Miami is now curtailing diving. That has made Olympic training extremely difficult for male gymnasts and certainly reduced the nationís competitiveness in that area. On the eve of the Olympic Games, when the United States is scrutinizing its position in international sports, will we propel ourselves even farther from Olympic Gold by crippling yet another individual sport? And what other sports will follow? It has to stop somewhere!

††††††††††† PLEASE, reinstate the diving program at the University of Miami.

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Sincerely,

††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† Penelope K. Cano

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Here is the Email for Paul Dee, the Athletic Director of Univ. of Miami. pdee@miami.edu† Maybe you could forward this on to the diving community and request some urgent responses to his decision to drop Men's Swimming and


I read the letter USD President Bill Walker's sent to Paul Dee.† If I interpreted it correctly, I believe he is saying to keep Diving.† My to Paul will explicitly say that.† Three scholarships would allow him to keep a men's diving† team.† They could forfeit three football scholarships.† Most universities have more football players on the team than are allowed to "dress out" for home games, much less make the travel squad.† There are football players sitting in the stands, because only so many are allowed put on their gear...and for that an entire sport of Diving is lost.

Don Fearon

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