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Colordo Girls State Championships
Feb. 19-20 Fort Collins CO

Colorado Girls Class 4A swimming championship

results 02.20.00

Diving ...

Kitt Watkins, Lit., 482 points;

Liz Pike, EP, 470.30;

Von Lucas, Eaton, 415.35;

Danielle Brown, Dur., 400.10;

Val Lucas, Eaton, 399.40;

Paige Lester, Ramp., 385.40;

Jacque Collins, GS, 379.25;

Katie Anderson, AA, 377.45.

5A Girls Swimming and Diving Results 02.19.00 Diving

1. Megan Balkenbush, Rocky Mountain, 519.20;

2. Linda Wagner, Northglenn, 517.15;

3. Janelle Portelance, Fort Collins, 457.00;

4. Kasey Cocker, Fairview, 456.90;

5. Chelsea Bates, Standley Lake, 456.60;

6. Kristin Stratton, Smoky Hill, 455.60;

7.Michaela Capps, SmokyHill, 419.90;

8.Ali Miller, Arapahoe, 414.35.