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Vienna Grand Prix
April 20-22 2000, Vienna

Canadian Sport News (CSN)

April 22, 2000


VIENNA-- Tony Revitt of Vancouver rebounded from a poor preliminary round
to earn his first international victory Saturday winning the men's 10-metre
tower at the sixth stop on the FINA Grand Prix diving circuit.

Revitt totalled 402.15 points, 60 points better than his fourth place
preliminary score. Oleg Vikoulov of Russia was second at 391.56, Tang
Shaoyun of China third at 379.02 while Christopher Kalec of Montreal was
fourth at 355.83.

"I'm not totally surprised," said Revitt, 27, who'll be battling for a spot
on the Olympic team at trials in June. "Looking at the field I knew if I
dove consistently I had a chance. I did everything fairly well in the
final and didn't miss anything too badly. The big thing for me was to
perform so well after struggling in the preliminaries."

On women's 10-metre, Xiuren Wu of China took the gold with 333.84 points,
Anja Richter-Libiseller of Austria was second at 302.13 and Yuanyuan Hou of
China third at 296.49.

Alida DiPlacido of Pointe-Claire, Que., was eliminated in the semifinal for
seventh spot.

On men's three-metre after the preliminaries, Richard Freces of Austria is
first, Ben Liu of China second, Tang Tao of China third and Arturo Miranda
of Edmonton fourth.

Competition ends Sunday with men's and women's three-metre.

Saturday's results at the FINA Grand Prix diving competition in Vienna:


10-metre (final): 1. Tony Revitt, Vancouver, 402.15 points; 2. Oleg
Vikoulov, Russia, 391.56; 3. Shaoyun Tang, China, 379.02; 4. Christopher
Kalec, Montreal, 355.83; 5. Frank Sander, Germany, 351.60; 6. Yiannis
Gavrilidis, Greece, 325.05.

Three-metre (after preliminaries): 1. Richard Fredes, Austria, 418.08; 2.
Ben Liu, China, 410.58; 3. Tang Tao, China, 354.33; 4. Arturo Miranda,
Edmonton, 351.78; 5. Jaroslav Makohin, Czech Republic, 350.37; 6.
Jean-Romain Delaloye, Switzerland, 344.55.


10-metre (final): 1. Xiuren Wu, China, 333.84; 2. Anja Richter-Libiseller,
Austria, 302.13; 3. Yuanyuan Hou, China, 296.49; 4. Olga Khristoforova,
Russia, 292.59; 5. Ute Wetzig, Germany, 273.21; 6. Olga Klokova, Russia,

Canadian: 7. Alida Diplacido, Pointe-Claire, Que., 271.53 (eliminated in

USA did not send a team due to holding their National Championships on the same weekend

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