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Zone D I More D News

Men Qualifiers
Troy Dumais - Texas Justin Dumais - Texas Brice Dumais - Southern Methodist Jesse Even - Texas A&M Jonathan Linette - Texas Harold Hyde - Texas
Women's Qualifiers
Yulia Pakhalina - Houston
Meghan Zack - Texas A&M
Kattie Williams - Texas A&M
Nicole Pohorenel - Texas Ally Hartzell - Texas Callie Petroff - Texas A&M

Zone C I More C News

Heath Knowling Ohio State 1& 3
Chris Monson Ohio State 3-M
Simon Chrisander Iowa 3-M & plat
Timo Klami Iowa 1-M & 3-M
Marc Carlton Indiana platform
Jason Coben Michigan 1-M
Kara Hajek-Gustafson Purdue 1& 3
Erin Quinn Indiana 1-M & 3-M
Sara Reiling Indiana 3-M & plat
Cassandra Cardinell Indiana plat
Carly Weiden Michigan State 1&3
Heather Mattingly Notre Dame 3-M
Rebecca Cornthwaite Minn. plat

Zone A

Bates Gregory, Yale
Melanie Loftus, Yale
Katherine Mattison, Princeton,
Maggie O'Brien, Penn State
Danielle Stramandi, Princeton
Julie Vandeusen, Delaware
Steve Bohner, Penn St.
Kevin Coogan, Drexel,
Kent De Mond, Princeton
Anthony Perry, Drexel
Michael Wells, Pittsburgh

ZONE E I More E News

Stanford, Calif. - USC's Blythe Hartley completed a three-day sweep at the 2002 NCAA Zone Et by winning the women's platform event on the final day of competition at the Maas Family Diving Center. Hartley, who had won the women's 1-meter on Thursday and the 3-meter on Friday, scored 482.45 for the victory. Arizona's Ruben Vaca also helped the Wildcats earn a clean sweep in the men's competition more

Zone B

Men Stefan Ahrens, Matthew Bricker, Louie Gagnet Florida, Caesar Garcia Auburn, Brandon Hulko, Phil Jones, Imre Lengyel, Clayton Moss, Kyle Prandi, Stewart Smith, Miguel Velazquez, Zachary Wilcox
Lane Bassham,Allison Brennan, Katie Beth Bryant,Michelle Davison, Barb Gorst, Holly Hodges, Chelsie Lerew, Tiffany Manning, Lauryn McCalley, Marion Reiff, Tracey Richardson, Trisha Tumlinson, Jamie Watkins Details


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