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Women's 10 meter Finals Round by Round



Round One:

Erica -- 5235D: Head throw on takeoff, a little wobbly with legs apart. Got down nicely -- 6.5-7s

Lizzy -- 405B: Backed off, left it piked on entry -- 6-7s.

Becky -- 205B: GREAT start, forgot to press away with legs on out, so went by for 5-6s.

Patty -- 6241B: A little too open in the pike, left it a hair short with open chested entry -- 6.5-7.5s.

Erin -- 405B: Low throw into it, tipped toes on platform. Good dive other than that for 5-6s.

Danielle -- 405B: Another low throw, but she also backed it off and left it a hair short for 6.5-7s.

Jenny -- 405B: WHAT a jump, what a pike, what a spin, what a RIP!!!! 7.5-9s (mostly 8.5s) WOW!

Megan -- 405B: Nice top, second guessed the out and didn't stretch it through for 6.5-7.5s.

Ashley -- 107C: Does it standing, and nicely. Pretty tuck, great entry -- 7.5-8s.

Kathy -- 107B: This one is inconsistent for her...can she do it? A little flat footed on the takeoff, but strong jump. Ended up short for 6s.

Sara -- 5237D: Opening up with big DD...Strong jump, smooth twist, awesome legs and toes, and disappeared. The best back three and a half twister I've ever seen by a woman. 8.5-9.5s

Laura -- 6241B: Solid, nice cartwheel up into it. Open pike and slightly unhollowed on entry but pretty and good sound on the entry for 8-9s.


Reiling, Wilkinson, Culpepper, Pesek, Keim


Erica -- 205B: Swingy with a nice pike, but the swing took over on the out and she went by for 5-6s.

Lizzy -- 6241B: Unextended through the shoulder on takeoff action, left itshort on the bottom for 7-8s.

Becky -- 305C: strong jump, pretty tuck, a little early on the out for a short but nicely stretched through entry -- 7.5-8s.

Patty -- 205B: Great in the air, didn't reach through bottom -- a hair short, very heavy for 6-7s.

Erin -- 6241B: Arched before kipping, got too much momentum in the somie, went over for 6-6.5s.

Danielle 205B: Lotsa lean and head throw on takeoff, pretty pike, got it down great for 7.5-8s.

Jenny -- 5235D: Early shoulder into the twist left the dive wobbly and off axis on the entry for 7-7.5s.

Megan -- 6241B: Pretty nice open pike, great rip, a bit casted (maybe not noticeable from judges' angle) for 7.5-8.5s.

Ashley -- 205B: Archy and whippy on takeoff, pretty in pike, great out and entry for 6.5-8s.

Kathy -- 305C: A bit hipped out on takeoff, but did a nice job reining it in on the entry for a solid rip 6.5-8s.

Sara -- 405B: Looked great, mighta touched the toes, apparently not, 'cuz she got all 8s :)

Laura -- 205B: What a standup and somie, a little loose with the midesction and legs on the out, but didn't affect her entry -- 8.5-9s.


Laura, Sara, Ashley, Kathy, Megan


Erica -- 107C: Split and flat footed, solid jump, strong entry for 6.5-7s.

Lizzy -- 305C: Mostly used upper body on takeoff and it showed up on her out with a pull-by for 6-6.5s.

Becky -- 6241B: Using the Hempel style, butadding a somie, nice but a hair short with open chest on entry for 7s.

Patty -- Great armswing and jump, a little head pull, but made up for it in the tuck and on the kickout for 8s.

Erin -- 205B: Too soft with the midsection on the takeoff, so she couldn't find the line and extension for the bottom. Short for 4-4.5s.

Danielle -- 305C: Lotsa shoulder pull on the takeoff gave her an inaccurate sense of the vertical lines of this dive. She kicked high AND pulled over for 4.5-5s.

Jenny -- 6241B: Solid, but not spectacular, cast to the side, too open in the pike for 6-7.5s.

Megan -- 107B: SO strong, SUCH a jump, but ya gotta stretch through the entry! Over for 7s.

Ashley -- 5251B: A tad back, a hair short, but really pretty and with a great sound for 8s.

Kathy -- Withdrew from contest due to injury WOW! Turns out to be vertigo, and she's been suffering it for a while. That's why she dropped out of 3M earlier this week as well.

Sara -- 107C: Nice athletic run and takeoff, only problem was the kinda rushed closing action to the entry. We'll take the 8s.

Laura -- 305C: 10s?? I think so! Crowd going wild, best rip of the meet. 5 10s :) She is ON!!! Oops, there's a 1 on the board, that was probably supposed to be a 10 -- so six 10s and I'll bet the judge who gave it a 9 is embarrassed!


Wilkinson, Reiling, Culpepper, Keim, Gardner


Erica --405B: Backed off, flat-footed on takeoff, slow for 5.5-6.5s.

Lizzy -- 205B: Too open with the chest on the start, with all else looking good. That chest position came back to haunt her on the bottom as she went way by for 4.5-6s.

Becky -- 405C: Strong looking action but with an anti-jump: washed by on entry for 5.5s-7s.

Patty -- 405B: Head down on start so it was slow, and kept the head ducked on the entry for 6.5-7s.

Erin -- 107B: Nice start, could get the hips up a bit more to squeeze the pike in, solid lining action even though it was short for 6.5-7s.

Danielle -- 6241B -- Finally, a closed pike (my fave). A little wobbly looking as she kipped, and maybe a little late to the grab for the pike. 6.5-8s.

Jenny -- 305C: Dropped the chest during her press and hipped way out...then kicked early and left it really short for 3.5-5s.

Megan -- 205B: I'm happily wrong, predicting 4.5s cuz she has NEVER hit this dive in my recollection. She nailed the sucker for 7.5-8s, making her (and Rick Schavone) a happy camper!

Ashley -- 6241B: Solid handstand, a little cast through it (with a nice closed pike) for 7.5-8s.She's getting her dives DOWN today. Love seeing the hunger :)

Sara -- 305C: Looked a little tentative and out, but with a strong jump. I thought she kicked early, but she sailed it down to a WONDERFUL rip and 9s.

Laura -- 405B: Backed off and a little early on the out, with a chin ducked lineup for 7.5s.


Wilkinson, Reiling, Culpepper, Gardner, Armstrong


Erica -- 305C: Stand up and jump without the armswing left the dive slow and short for 5.5-6s.

Lizzy -- 5235D: Nice start and twisting action, reached under on the entry to arch by a bit for 7s.

Becky -- 5235D: Excellent form, nice jump with a little under reach on the takeoff, so it lined up beautifully, but short for 7.5-8.5s.

Patty -- 5251B: Slow arms on press left the somie lacking, then the hands missed on entry for 5.5s.

Erin -- 5235D: Upper body pulled her off the platform before she reached and jump, left it short and unstretched on entry for 6.5-7s.

Danielle -- Head through on takeoff caused the dive to be swingy, and a soft midsection on the entry made it REALLY archy for 5.5-6.5s.

Jenny -- 107B: Strong and dynamic, with a good rip for 7.5-8s.

Megan -- 5237D: Nice, but she needs to point the feet on the entry!!! Then those 7-7.5s woulf be 8.5s!!!

Ashley - 405B: Gorgeous, wonderful rip, mebbe coulda jumped a little higher...8.5s-9s.

Sara -- 205B: Needs 4-4.5s, which is what she got yesterday. She left it short but stayed tight for 4.5-6s (hmm, controversial judging??)


Laura -- 5251B: Great jump, Solid pike, great rip for 8.5-9s.


Wilkinson --

Reiling --

Culpepper --

Gardner --

Keim --




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