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Trials Update -- Women's 3M Finals
Jeff Stabile

OK, the women's 3M finals just finished, and Jenny and Michelle D. maintained their positions, with Michelle R. pushing them HARD, right to the end.. She closed the gap on Miss D. to four points with a great list. Jenny was unstoppable, missing only her 205B (a bit over -- what a top!) and doing the same miracle on her out-of-balance hurdle with her 305C (9-9.5s) -- maybe it's STYLE <g>. Miss D. hit her big dives again, and improved her 205B from 5.5s in the prelims to 7-7.5s in the finals. Her smile was as big and radiant as I've ever seen, and she earned every bit of it (like I said, Miss R. spurred the competition on to new heights with her jumping, and Sunday Lewandowski again came through with some of the best dives she's ever done...Sara Reiling harnessed her energy incredibly well after a wild 105B and started hitting for 7.5s-9s on the rest of her list...these five were super magnificent in tonight's competiton.

I don't know who all is retiring after these Trials (except, obviously, Michelle D and Jenny K. wil be staying in it until the Olympics ;), but Tracy Bonner did tell me these were her final dives. Tracy has been such a great competitor over the last Olympiad, coming back from serious injury, inspiring others, always there with a warm smile and welcoming personilty for the newcomers to the senior level, being on the front lines with her battle with narcolepsy, and I want to wish her well in her post-competitive diving life. I'm sure there are stories I could tell about many others as well, but I don't want to push someone into an early retirement with a eulogy <g>. Additionally, all the up and comers looked hungry and ready to work hard for future glory. I want to wish all the competitors well in all their future endeavors, both on and off the boards. You sure pushed women's 3M diving back up a notch with the skills and competitiveness I saw you all display these past two days! Cheers!



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