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May 14, 2000

Canadian Sport News (CSN)


FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida--Emilie Heymans of Montreal earned a silver medal
on women's 10-metre and Alexandre Despatie of Montreal a bronze on men's
tower this weekend at the eighth stop on the FINA Grand Prix diving

The competition was regarded as the last major meet before the Olympics and
attracted most the sport's top stars.

On women's 10-metre, World Cup and defending Grand Prix champion Li Na of
China scored 9.0's on her final dive to edge Heymans for the gold with
517.47 points.

Heymans, ranked fourth in the world, rebounded from last weekend's
disappointing performance at the Grand Prix in Montreal with a strong
showing for second place at 517.11. Wang Rui of China was third at 505.26
and world number-two Anne Montminy of Pointe-Claire, Que., fourth at

Both Heymans and Montminy have earned their maximum eight bonus points
towards their final score at the Olympic trials June 9-11 in Montreal.

"Emilie sent a message that the Olympic gold medal is not in the bag for
the Chinese," said Heymans coach Michel Larouche of Montreal. "When the
Chinese dive well, Emilie is probably the only diver that can beat them."

On men's 10-metre, World Cup champion Tian Liang of China took the gold
medal with 715.65 points. World champion Dmitry Sautin of Russia was
second at 647.88 and Despatie, the 14-year-old Commonwealth Games champion,
posted his most impressive international result finishing third at 585.51.

"No one expected him to finish third against this field that's for sure,"
said Larouche. "At this kind of competition you really need to be mentally
strong and Alexandre showed that. It was impressive that he maintained his
position during the entire final. He didn't dive extremely well but he
made less errors than most of the others. He can perform each of his dives

Tony Revitt of Delta, B.C., was 14th

The next stop on the Grand Prix circuit is May 18-21 at Juarez City,
Mexico. Canadian entries are Myriam Boileau, Anne-Josee Dionne, Etienne
Gauthier, Nicolas Leblanc and Chris Kalec, all of Montreal, Alida DiPlacido
of Pointe-Claire, Que., and Arturo Miranda of Edmonton.

Weekend results at a FINA Grand Prix diving competition at Fort Lauderdale,


Three-metre: 1. Dmitry Sautin, Russia, 659.52; 2. Wang Tianling, China,
648.96; 3. Fernando Platas, Mexico, 639.09; 4. Robert Newbery, Australia,
632.97; 5. Ken Terauchi, Japan, 627.99; 6. Yu Zhuocheng, China, 621.15; 7.
Andreas Wels, Germany, 611.19; 8. Mark Ruiz, U.S., 602.07; 9. Alex
Dobrovskok, Russia, 595.62; 10. Joel Rodriguez, Mexico, 590.82.

Canadians: 18. Jeff Liberty, Calgary, 545.49.

10-metre: 1. Tian Liang, China, 715.65; 2. Dmitry Sautin, Russia, 647.88;
3. Alexandre Despatie, Montreal, 585.51; 4. Robert Newbery, Australia,
580.68; 5. Mark Ruiz, U.S., 578.49; 6. Mathew Helm, Australia, 577.44; 7.
Igor Loukachin, Russia, 568.71; 8. David Pichler, U.S., 531.15; 9. Mike
Collier, U.S., 521.19; 10. M. Mazzuchi, Italy, 519.24.

Other Canadians: 14. Tony Revitt, Delta, B.C., 488.88.


Three-metre: 1. Vera Ilyna, Russia, 550.65; 2. Yulia Pakhalina, Russia,
530.85; 3. Guo Jingjing, China, 519.60; 4. Chantelle Michell, Australia,
504.15; 5. Svetlana Alekseeva, Belarus, 497.85; 6. Tania Cagnotto, Italy,
488.58; 7. Anna Lindberg, Sweden, 487.62; 8. Eryn Bulmer, Calgary, 480.90;
9. Sara Reiling, U.S., 464.31; 10. Tracy Bonner, U.S., 455.67.

Other Canadians: 13. Blythe Hartley, North Vancouver, B.C., 445.53.

10-metre: 1. Li Na, China, 517.47; 2. Emilie Heymans, Montreal, 517.11; 3.
Wang Rui, China, 505.26; 4. Anne Montminy, Pointe-Claire, Que., 489.00; 5.
Loudy Tourky, Australia., 486.63; 6. Svetlana Timoshinina, Russia, 467.76;
7. Mary Jose Alcala, Mexico, 447.54; 8. Kathy Pesek, U.S., 439.98; 9. Kim
Berbari, U.S., 433.33; 10. Rebecca Gilmore, Australia, 424.14.

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