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Sammy Honored at "Diving Odyssey" Update
Oct. 9, 2001
Debby McCormick

The show was soo great! Definitely our best effort ever!

Mike (as pres of the Booster Club) welcomed and introduced everyone and then Chris Beck from the LA Opera sang the national anthem. The presentations were given on the bulkhead in the middle of the pool facing the bleachers. Then the Mayor of LB spoke, one of the city councilman spoke, I gave special awards to our best divers for this past year, and then Greg spoke beautifully about Sam and presented him with his Lifetime Achievement award from US Diving. Sammy got a standing ovation and the stands were packed! After Sam spoke, Chris Beck sang God Bless America (from 7 meters) and then dived in and the crowd went wild!! Then my divers marched in to the music of Rocky! very cool! They did their peel offs from around the pool and they were right on it!! The whole diving show was choreographed to great music and my divers didn't skip a beat!!! They looked so professional and I was soo proud of them!

Our guest divers were: Able Sanchez, Guy Sandin, Dwight Dumais, Michael Hilde, Kevin McMahon, Derek Starks, Alyssa Gibson, Brian Earley.

The comedy was outstanding and the crowd loved it! MarnieYoung (a former McCormick Diver) organized all of the comedy divers and helped write the sets. Had a lot of help from Mike Dreyfus, Toby Reclusado, Mark Steele, Paul Schrier, Brian Earley, Marnie Young, Lucy Streeter, Marnie's friend (theresa???..please ask Marnie), Dustin Webster and his wife, and not sure who I missed..perhaps Marnie (marniey@aol.com) can tell you that.

The Olympians present to honor Sammy- Tom Gompf, Dick Smith, Vicki/Lyle Draves, Bernie Wrightson, Li Hong Ping, Li Diliang, Frank Gorman, Janet Ely, Craig Lincoln, Abel Sanchez, Guy Sandin. So cool!!!

After the diving portion, dinner guests had a social hour, viewed the outstanding silent auction items, and found their tables for dinner. The pool looked great with tables set up on black indoor outdoor carpet around the pool deck, tables decorated beautifully with balloons, colorful centerpieces. Olympic pins were donated by Cathy Fergeson for each dinner guest.

We had a stage set up in front of the guard office and had a huge back projection screen set up with rotating pictures flashing during the evening. Curt Wilson said a few words on behalf of SPA Diving, I spoke and then we turned out the pool lights and showed a special video that my friend helped me put together for Sammy...it was sooo neat! Not a dry eye in the house!

Mike and I had collected special e-mail congrats from around the world and Mike put them into book form and presented them to Sammy as well.

After the video we had a live auction with great items. Penthouse in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, signed Lindsay Davenport Racket/picture, inflatable Windsurfer, etc.

We held a raffle as we had been selling tickets for weeks for a chance to win $1000, $500, $250 or $100 in cash!!!

The purpose of our fundraiser is for travel expenses and equipment, upgrading of facilites and for contributions towards the Glenn McCormick Scholarship Fund.

We had a wonderful program and tried to acknowledge everyone who participated and donated to our clubin the program.

I wish you could have been there. Had raving reviews and feel like we did our best to honor Sammy.

Debby McCormick

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