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Canada Cup FINA Grand Prix Event
Montreal CAN , May 5-8 2000


Canadian Sport News (CSN

May 5, 2000


MONTREAL--Alexandre Despatie of Montreal put some pressure on the world's
number-one diver Friday afternoon at the 18-country PANTENE PRO-V COLOR
Canada Cup diving competition as he stands second after semifinals on men's
10-metre tower.

The competition is the seventh of 14 stops on the FINA Grand Prix circuit.

World Cup champion Tiang Liang of China was once again sensational to grab
a strong lead with 670.89 points. But the 14-year-old Despatie, with the
exception of his reverse three and a half, kept pace with Liang to stand
second at 617.19. He actually scored higher than Liang in the semifinal
compulsory round. Jose Guerra of Cuba is third at 593.91.

"My reverse dive was not going that well all week in practice," said
Despatie, a three-time national champion. "But I'm not worried about it. I
was just glad to come back strong after that dive. I think I showed today
that the Chinese are beatable."

Three other Canadians advance to Saturday's final. Tony Revitt of Delta,
B.C., is eighth, Christopher Kalec of Montreal ninth and Nicolas Leblanc of
Montreal 10th .

The women's three-metre final is to be held later Friday. After semis,
double Olympic champion Fu Mingxia of China is first, World Cup champion
Jingjing Guo second and Eryn Bulmer of Calgary third.

Along with Bulmer, Emilie Heymans of Montreal, Alida DiPlacido of
Pointe-Claire, Que., and Megan Farrow of Edmonton, fourth, fifth and sixth
respectively, all advanced to the final as well.

Friday afternoon's results at the PANTENE PRO-V Color Canada Cup diving
competition in Montreal:


10-metre (after semifinals): 1. Tiang Liang, China, 670.89 points; 2.
Alexandre Despatie, Montreal, 617.19; 3. Jose Guerra, Cuba, 593.91; 4.
Jesus Martinez, Cuba, 593.91; 5. Huang Quiang, China, 577.59; 6.
Massimiliano Massucchi, Italy, 564.45; 7. Brent Roberts, U.S., 558.09; 8.
Tony Revitt, Delta, B.C., 552.45; 9. Christopher Kalec, Montreal, 543.03;
10. Nicolas Leblanc, Montreal, 523.62; 15. Jeff Liberty, Calgary, 319.32.


Three-metre (after semifinals): 1. Fu Mingxia, China, 548.37; 2. Jingjing
Guo, China, 544.95; 3. Eryn Bulmer, Calgary, 526.02; 4. Emilie Heymans,
Montreal, 505.77; 5. Alida DiPlacido, Pointe-Claire, Que., 469.71; 6. Megan
Farrow, Edmonton, 469.41.

Other Canadians: 19. Blythe Hartley, North Vancouver, B.C., 257.91; 20.
Kari Frank, Calgary, 250.26; 21. Anne-Josee Dionne, Montreal, 248.40; 22.
Myriam Boileau, Montreal, 240.78.

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