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Brittany Viola youngest member of USA World Championship Team
April 2003

Brittany Viola... Daughter of World Series MVP and Cy Young award winner Frank Viola become the youngest member of USA Divings World Championship Team!! At just 15 years of age and only a little over two years of training under her belt she has risen to the top of the dive world...

The World Trials were held in Athens, Georgia this past weekend. Brittany will be competing in the Womans Syncro Tower event at the World Championships this summer in Barcelona, Spain. Her Syncro partner is 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist Laura Wilkinson!! They paired up just two months ago to start training together... and hope to represent the USA in the 2004 Olympics together! Brittany will also be representing the USA at the FINA/USA Diving Grand Prix to be held in May, in Woodlands Texas. She qualified to compete both Individual Tower and Syncro Tower with Laura. Laura and Brittany are 10 years apart in age... but they have quickly become great friends and diving partners. Laura has given Brittany such confidence to go out and perform to her best ability!!! The rest of the World Championship team includes, Mark Ruiz (2000 Olympian), Sara Reiling-Hildebrand(2000 Olympian), Justin Dumais, Troy Dumais, Cassandra Cardinell, Rachelle Kunkel, and Phil Jones.

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