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16-18 Girls' 3M Finals
Jeff Stabile



Boys' 16-18 Girls' 3M Finals: Round One is on the bottom, Round Eight is on top...First diver in the round is at bottom, subsequent divers on top. Enjoy!


World Team consists of Lauryn McCalley and Nicci Fusaro


Lauren King -- changed 5351C to 5134D (wants to win) -- smooth and solid, a little open-chested on the entry for 6.5-7s (woulda won anyway!! crowd wasn't happy with the change <g>)

Lauryn McCalley -- 5235D -- opened chest on takeoff, making twisting position less than smooth...got it down OK for 6-6.5s

Nicci Fusaro -- 5235D -- nice standup, but not HIGH enough....got down in the usual Fusaro style for 7-7.5s

Carrie McCambridge -- 5235D -- nice standup, good twisting action, but loose body during the twist...got down well for 6-6.5s

Lisa Silvestri -- 405C -- really strong and quick-spinning, decent tuck, good kick but not quite all the stretch needed to get it down clean...6.5-7s

Michelle Brown -- 105B -- great strong start and wonderful pike, came out and opened chest to let it go long and get 4.5-5s

Lane Bassham -- 5235D -- a little early with the left shoulder off board into the twist, resulting in a little overtwist on the bottom -- 5.5-7.5s

Nicole Bolt -- 405C -- solid takeoff and top, split for no good reason, and then kicked out really well for a great line -- 6.5s

Trisha Tumlinshon -- 305C -- nice ride, strong dive with a good sense of lines...still split, and coulda had a bit more stretch through the line on the entry -- 6.5-7.5s

Chelsea Lerew -- 5233D -- some head/upper body pull on the takeoff made it fast somersault-wise...controlled the out nicely for 6.5-7s

Nancilea Underwood -- 5233D -- a little low and back, kinda short on the entry for 6.5s

Allison Brennan -- 5134D --a little forward, but so smooth and pretty, so the judges didn't know what to do with it...6-7.5


Round 5


Lauren King -- 305C -- smooth ride, better with the legs in the tuck!!! a little more stretch through the entry woulda made these 7.5-8s into 9s :)

Lauryn McCalley -- 405C -- nice circling action in press, great throw (coulda had some more support from the legs) soft kick to good line for 7-7.5s

Nicci Fusaro -- quick, dynamic, smooth spin, just looks like it WANTS to go higher! rolled in clean for 6.5-7s

Carrie McCambridge -- 405C -- lotsa extraneous motion on the press, got off the board early so it moved back and finished low for 5-5.5s

Lisa Silvestri -- 105B -- high, a little open in the pike...good coming out but didn't get the palms for the sound to turn this 6.5-7 dive into an 8 or better

Michelle Brown -- 405C -- solid, but low (suffering from going after a jumper like Lane!), nice spin, good committed kick for 6-6.5s

Lane Bassham -- 405C -- ahhhhh so smooth from start to finish...I'da liked to see a little more style with the arms from the tuck to the entry...8s

Nicole Bolt -- 5235D -- the chest lift in her press makes it hard for her to ride the board...worked it down for 6s

Trisha Tumlinshon -- 205C -- solid stand up and lines throughout... a little tight with the shoulders on reach, a bit too split, clean through the water for 6.5-7s

Chelsea Lerew -- 405C -- strong push and throw, despite her chest pull-back-and-throw on the takeoff...great kick and line for 6.5-7s

Nancilea Underwood -- 405C -- backed off and drew the legs on the takeoff for a slow top...finished OK for 5.5s

Allison Brennan -- 205C -- strong start, but too much upper body pull on the out so it banana-backed over for 4-4.5s


Round 4

Lauren King -- 205C -- a little chesty/shouldery off the board, the by-now-not-needed-to-be-mentioned split, and a little pull over on the out for 6.5s

Lauryn McCalley -- 305C -- perfect standup and start, great spotting and kick..nice rip and line through the water for 8-8.5s

Nicci Fusaro -- 305C -- nice mechanics, a little shoulder pull on the takeoff that was seen again on the lineup washed by for 7-7.5s

Carrie McCambridge -- 305C -- slid out on the takeoff, but controlled the dive nicely thereafter and slid it cleanly through the water for 5.5-6s

Lisa Silvestri -- 205C -- crowhop and tight shoulders on the takeoff (though she stood up to a good line) then split <grrr> and reached a bit in front on the lineup for shoulder splash and 6.5s

Michelle Brown -- 5333D -- solid standup, a little unstretched for the reach on takeoff and entry, so it seemed a bit low and heavy for 6.5s

Lane Bassham -- 305C -- WOWOWOWOWOW! Like her back, but with a front approach (and a LITTLE pull on the entry 7.5-8s

Nicole Bolt -- 305C -- late arms in the press and reach make it difficult for the proper lines to be established...over with a weak kick and a pull for 4s

Trisha Tumlinshon -- 5333D -- strong but impatient, this moved out and looked swingy through the entry for 6s

Chelsea Lerew -- 305C -- forward through the hurdle, looked like she was gonna recover, but then panicked when squeezing the tuck in...lost a leg and twisted on an archy out for 3-4s

Nancilea Underwood -- 305C -- pretty solid looking dive that didn't reach back on the entry...splashy for 5.5-6s

Allison Brennan -- 405C -- poor timing on press led to a weak takeoff...moved back and spun slowly to a solid kickout...short for 5s


Round 3


Lauren King -- 405C -- gorgeous, except the unnecessary split (but it WAS less than I've seen before) great kick and line up for 8-8.5s

Lauryn McCalley -- 205C -- excellent throughout, save her slightly short reach on the takeoff which returned on the bottom for a slightly shoulder-splashy entry -- 7-7.5s

Nicci Fusaro -- 205C -- good standup, but a little hippy in...solid kick to a decent line, but looked a little tight for 5.5-6.5s

Carrie McCambridge -- 205C -- nice upper body action on the start, but not enough jump to the line....ended up pulling by for 5.5-6s

Lisa Silvestri -- 305C -- nice jump and start...unnecessarily split, great kick, but slow to the reach through on the entry so it was heavy -- 6-6.5s

Michelle Brown -- 305C -- low hurdle, but solid line and great spin...solid kick and line for 6.5-7s

Lane Bassham -- 205C -- wowowowowow! great takeoff, went higher AFTER the first somie, awesome kick and line up for 7.5-8s

Nicole Bolt -- 205C -- really tight shoulders on reach off board and to entry..didn;t stretch it out to stop the rotation -- waaay over for 3-3.5s

Trisha Tumlinshon -- 105B -- what a great ride! a funky early out to a not-so-clean lineup for 6.5-7s

Chelsea Lerew -- 205C -- a little body pull on takeoff HUGE split and a little pull on the bottom to go by for 6s

Nancilea Underwood -- nice action during press, a little tight shoulders on reach for takeoff and on entry -- 6s

Allison Brennan -- 305C -- smooth but a little hipped forward...great out to a slight pull by for 6-6.5s


Round 2


Lauren King -- 1st (by miles) after vols -- nice and high, a little open in the pike, slightly open-chested through the rip for 7.5-8s

Lauryn McCalley -- 4th aftre vols -- stepped back out of the hurdle, but still stood it up...a little slow and low finishing for 7s

Nicci Fusaro -- 3rd after vols -- 105B -- nice and strong, but a little cut off...lower than it seems like it should be.. pretty pike and great out for 7.5-8s

Carrie McCambridge -- 7th after vols -- 105B -- nice dive, missed the line up (under reached) over for 5.5-6s

Lisa Silvestri -- 6th after vols -- 5235D -- faded back and got into the twist kinda early, so she lost the legs...had a hard time finding the line on the bottom...5-5.5s

Michelle Brown -- 10th after vols -- too much fade with body during the press, couldn't find the out...over for 3-3.5s

Lane Bassham -- 8th after vols -- great ride, nice looking dive, locked shoulders for entry so it got splashy for 7s

Nicole Bolt -- 9th after vols -- 105B -- nice boardwork, a little cut off, low, and splashy for 6-6.5s

Trisha Tumlinshon -- 12th after vols -- 405C -- lotsa extraneous movement during press, a little quick and early off the board...BIG split...finished low but OK for 6-6.5

Chelsea Lerew -- 2nd after vols -- high and smooth, pretty, a little tight in the shoulders on the out to the lineup, 7-7.5s

Nancilea Underwood -- 11th after vols -- a little off in the timing out of the hurdle, but rode it GREAT, beautiful pike, great out and rip for 7.5-8s

Allison Brennan -- 5th after vols -- 105B -- smooth, a little cut off, straight up and down but kinda splashy for 6.5s


Round 1

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