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16-18 Boys 1M Finals
Jeff Stabile


Boys' 16-18 Boys' 1M Finals: Round One is on the bottom, Round Eight is on top...First diver in the round is at bottom, subsequent divers on top. Enjoy!

World Team consists of Phil Jones and Jevon Tarantino

Phil Jones -- 5335D -- a little out, nicely ridden up high...reached under on the entry for 6-6.5s

Matt Bricker -- 305C -- landed a little two-footed, recovered nicely then pulled slightly on the entry for 7-8s

Jevon Tarantino --5134D -- way high and smooth, great rip for 7.5-8s

Marc Carlton -- high, smooth, early out, and left it a hair short for 6-6.5s

Andy Bradley -- changed from sumthin' to 5152B -- WOW a big dive made easily :) crowd-pleasing (and judge-pleasing) for 6.5s

Aaron Ashworth -- 405C -- high, smooth, a little weak with the stretch on the entry for 6.5-7.5s

Todd Avery -- 5333D -- solid: high, smooth, a little slow in the somie, flat-footed throughout for 6.5-7s

Salvador Vilardo -- 5134D -- pretty twist, nice stretch, but keeps using a fall-forward and catch myself method of initiating the somie for low dives that are hard to line up...6.5-7s

Chris Colwill -- 5351C -- head led, arms followed, so it hipped out...got it down nicely for 5.5-6s

Caesar Garcia -- 5134D -- stepped back out of hurdle, so the dive went a little low and forward for 6.5s

Robbie Quinn -- 5233D -- head pull on takeoff made it swingy and a little over for 6-6.5s

Andrew Sivulka -- 5333D -- great ride, a little head pull, reached underneath on the entry for 6.5-7s


Round 6


Phil Jones -- 5333D -- pretty clean lines in the hurdle -- coulda stretched a little taller before wrapping...washed by for 7-7.5s

Matt Bricker -- 5134D -- smooth, pretty, but low for 6.5-7.5w

Jevon Tarantino -- 305C -- a little forward through the hurdle...nicely rode up, but overconfident early kick left it short for 5-5.5s

Marc Carlton -- 5134D -- pretty dive, a little reached under for the entry -- 6.5-7s

Andy Bradley -- 405C -- nice start!!! a little open in the tuck, a little short for 5.5-6s

Aaron Ashworth -- 5335D -- high high, high and smooth for 7.5s

Todd Avery -- strong push but lack of ankle snap so it finished high but dropped piked to the entry for 4.5-5s

Salvador Vilardo -- 305C -- a little forward, not bad but not long enough on the starting line to translate into good rotation -- on his head for 6-6.5s

Chris Colwill -- 5335D -- looked GREAT, then he inexplicably crimped for 4.5-6.5s! What the ???

Caesar Garcia -- 5333D - smooth hurdle, nice ride, moved even higher during the twist, sweet entry for 6.5-7.5s

Robbie Quinn -- 405C -- strong top, with chin ducked the whole way, so reached WAY under on the bottom -- 5-6s

Andrew Sivulka -- nice standup and smooth twist...missed the lineup a bit for a splashy 6.5-7s


Round 5


Phil Jones -- 405C -- great jump and nice tuck...finished high and put it down for 7.5-8s

Matt Bricker -- 405C -- that head-lift-chest-lift takeoff KILLS this dive for him..back and short for 4.5-5s

Jevon Tarantino --203B changed to 205C - nice standup and start, a little lost legs on the kick...while fixing the board, they added "12s" for his scores, much to the amusement of the crowd...actually got 6.5-7s

Marc Carlton -- 405C -- drew the knees for a slow spin...unfolded early for 4s

Andy Bradley -- 305C -- early off the board, but did a nice job with the out for 6-6.5s

Aaron Ashworth -- 305C -- a little quick off the board, GREAT tuck, kick, and entry for 7.5s

Todd Avery -- 305C -- trademark nice ride...a little head check on the bottom so he didn't hold the line...6.5-7s

Salvador Vilardo -- 203B -- great standup and beautiful pike...failed to hold the line for 6.5-7s

Chris Colwill -- 405C -- good top but stayed in da pike on the entry for 5-6s

Caesar Garcia -- strong hurdle and jump, a little too much pull on the out -- over for 5-5.5s

Robbie Quinn -- 105B -- great ride and top, a little tight in the shoulders for the lineup...6.5-7s

Andrew Sivulka -- 303B -- slid a little forward but smoothly executed the somie and lined up for 6.5-7s


Round 4


Phil Jones -- 305C -- a bit forward through the hurdle...nice ride and great kick to line up for 7-7.5s

Matt Bricker -- 403B -- backed off but down solid for 7s

Jevon Tarantino -- 405C - a little odd with the chest during the press again, but plenty strong to make it and finish high for 7s

Marc Carlton -- 305C -- arms slow to reach, slid away a bit so it was out and short for 4s

Andy Bradley -- 107C with a great ride, great top, but buried head during the somie...way over for 3-3.5s

Aaron Ashworth -- shifted back on press, otherwise great for 7.5-8s

Todd Avery -- 303B -- nicely pressed away and lined up for 6.5-7s (didn't see the takeoff)

Salvador Vilardo -- 405C -- no toe point/ankle snap off the board, backed off and ended up piked short for 3.5-4s

Chris Colwill -- 303B -- reached like a 301B -- made it, SOMEHOW, for a great line -- confused the heck out of the judge s for 6.5-8s

Caesar Garcia -- 203B -- loose midsection during takeoff made it slow, and reasserted itself on the out -- short for 3.5-4s

Robbie Quinn -- 303B-- quicker with the body than the arms off the board, slid out and went short for 5.5-6s

Andrew Sivulka -- 203B -- nice standup great lines, needed a little further reach back on the entry -- 7-7.5s


Round 3


Phil Jones -- 203B -- stronger version of what Bricker did, with a little head check on the entry for 7-7.5s

Matt Bricker -- 203B -- a little chest lift on the press made it low and back..clean and smooth for 6-7s

Jevon Tarantino -- a little body wave during the press asserted itself on the entry as well, so it was chesty but clean for 7-7.5s

Marc Carlton -- 203B -- nice standup and start...where's the deep stretch to hold the line???? mostly 7s

Andy Bradley -- 5335D -- forward through the hurdle and couldn't recover...wobbly, out, and short for 3-4s

Aaron Ashworth -- 105B -- great ride, nice pike, that weird asymmetrical arm thing he keeps doing on the outs of his forward entries showed up here for 7-7.5s

Todd Avery -- 203B changed to a 205C (poor announcer had a tough time with all this...) -- big fade and short reach so body pulled back hard...over and out for 3-3.5s

Salvador Vilardo -- 105B -- a little stepped back out of the hurdle and rushed off the board...circled underneath for 6-6.5s

Chris Colwill -- 203B -- nice standup and pike, a little archy out to a good line for for 7-7.5s

Caesar Garcia -- 105B -- a bit low, but very smooth action to a great clean line for 7s

Robbie Quinn -- 105B -- nice standup, a little shoulder pull so it washed long for 6.5-7s

Andrew Sivulka -- 403B -- quick and backed off for 6-6.5s


Round 2




Phil Jones -- in 2nd after vols - high and strong but muscled ond over with an early save for 6.5-8s

Matt Bricker -- in 1st after vols -- as Matt is not the strongest jumper in the group, he suffered in comparison on a prettier dive for 7.5-8s

Jevon Tarantino -- in 6th after vols-- even nicer ride and a little better form, but out...7.5-8.5s

Marc Carlton -- in 3rd after vols -- nice ride, great pike, nice line for 8s

Andy Bradley -- in 12th after vols -- 205C -- a little tight shoulders and pull on the takeoff..arched out and pulled on the entry so it was over for -- hold on, controversy cuz the board says 105B...stopping the meet to figger out what to do -- it's all ok, and he earns 4.5-5s

Aaron Ashworth -- in 11th after vols -- nice ride after a slight shift backward during press..too far out for 6.5-7s

Todd Avery -- in 7th after vols -- nice boardwork and smooth ride...may have had a good pike or done a good job hiding a crimp (based on past history, there)...6.5-7.5s

Salvador Vilardo -- in 4th after vols -- 403B -- a little low and back..heels dropped on takeoff so it hit the water moving back and short -- 6-7s

Chris Colwill -- in 10th after vols -- a little forward through the hurdle..nice pike, rolled entry for 6.5-7s

Caesar Garcia -- in 5th after vols -- 403B -- solid and clean...sufered in comparison to Robbie's jump...7-7.5s

Robbie Quinn -- in 8th after vols -- 403B -- whatta jump! higher than 3M...great dive for 7.5-8.5s

Andrew Sivulka -- in 9th after vols -- 105B -- forward hurdle through , solid and high, clean for 6.5-7s


Round 1

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