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14-15 Girls Platform Finals
Jeff Stabile

14-15 Girls Platform Finals: Round One is on the bottom, Round Eight is on top...First diver in the round is at bottom, subesequent divers on top. Enjoy!



World Team consists of Kimberly Driscoll and Taryn Ignacio!


Kari Retrum -- 5235D 10M -- solid, a little head throw and loose body/legs during twist... got it down great for 7-7.5s

Taryn Ignacio -- 305C 10M -- great start...good kick, but then pulled a little to go over for 5-5.5s

Emily Hunter -- 405C -- ducked chin all the way through on a strong action led to no sense of vertical...over for 3-4s

Brooke Sullivan -- 205C 7M -- tight shoulders in reach led to lotsa pull with upper body...pulled again on out to go over for 3.5-4s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 203B 5M -- short reach and way early on the out...short for 3-3.5s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 5233D 7M -- short reach and head throw made the dive really slow! lined up short for 5.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 5233D 5M -- body pull, low and over for 5.5-6s

Heather Bounds -- nice circling action, strong jump, a litle early kick and left it short for 6.5s

Ann Kenny - - 614B, 10M -- weak kip and loose pike...finished low for 5-6s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 405C 7M -- backed off and had a weak push...slow and low finish...short for 4.5s

Mary Yarrison -- 5233D 7M -- too much upper body on takeoff, so it was a little low...nice twist and square. splashy on bottom for 6.5s

Miranda Maas -- 105B 7M -- slow, weak jump, short for 4.5-5s


Round 8


Kari Retrum -- 305C 10M -- great jump, nice spotting, good kickout but loosened slightly on entry for 7-7.5s

Taryn Ignacio -- 205B 10M -- GREAT start and pike early out and no look back on entry...short for 4-4.5s

Emily Hunter -- 105B 7M -- stood up too straight...a little slow spinning and hard to find a solid line on the out...over for 5.5s

Brooke Sullivan -- 405C 7M -- strong jump, good spin, a little chin duck on entry so it washed long for 6.5s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 5233D 7M -- strong jump, nice twist, a litle reached under for the entry -- 6.5-7s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 405C 7M -- solid lines and jump for 6.5-7.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 203B 5M -- restricted range of motion in circling actions made this dive look tentative...on her head for mostly 5s

Heather Bounds -- 405C 7M -- reached back before throwing forward, obscuring her sense of the vertical lines...great jump and throw, ended up late on the out and way over for 3.5-4s

Ann Kenny - --405C 7M -- strong jump, nice tuck and spin, a little late with a great kick...washed over for 6-6.5s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 614B 10M -- took too long to get into pike, so came out a little long...arched through for 5.5s

Mary Yarrison -- 105B 5M -- skipped way forward during run, fell off into the spin and was sloppy for 4.5s

Miranda Maas -- 405C 7M -- solid, could use a litle more ankle snap on takeoff, short for 5.5-6s


Round 7


Kari Retrum -- 405B -- ducked chin on start and entry...over for 5-5.5s

Taryn Ignacio -- 5235D 10M -- a little chesty on the takeoff, so it looked wild and overpowered...got down a little loose for 5.5-6s

Emily Hunter -- 5233D 7M -- pulled left shoulder early and loosened midsection on takeoff...slow, wobbly, short for 4.5-5s

Brooke Sullivan -- 5134D 7M -- cut off and way short for 3-4s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 105B, 7M -- nice start, second-guessed her out and line up to wash over for 6s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 105B 7M --solid, but a little forward and low for 6-6.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 6241B 10M -- archy handstand, then a wobble before going...saved it with a strong kip and OPEN pike, down for 5-6s

Heather Bounds -- 5251B, 10M -- used shoulders more than hands to do the press, so arms were late and spin was slow...pretty form and nice, if short, line for 5-5.5s

Ann Kenny - - 105B 7M -- landed back on the platform on hop, leaned forward and threw chest down hard...way over for 3s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 105B 7M -- nice pop fro 7M -- m the platform, good pike a little early out and short for 5-5.5s

Mary Yarrison -- 203B 5M -- nice start, a little early and soft on the out...short for 4.5-5s

Miranda Maas -- 5235D 7M -- good arms on press, wobbly twist and week stretch on entry for 5s


Round 6


Kari Retrum -- 6241B 10M -- arms collapsed during kip, for a cut off look...good pike and got it down fine (though finished low) for 6s

Taryn Ignacio -- 405B 10M - nice start, early out and lined up a little short for 6s

Emily Hunter -- 614B -- good kip, then kinda a delay before actually getting into pike...found her way out and down fine for 6s

Brooke Sullivan -- 105B 7M -- kinda slow, decent line on bottom for 6.5-7s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 405C 7M -- nice takeoff with really strong jump, pretty tuck and spin, slightly long for 6.5-7.5s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 614B 10M -- very solid...looked like head was kinda out of position during somie..arms locked right to entry line for 6-6.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 105C 5M -- tentative takeoff, didn't squeeze in and left it short for 4-4.5s

Heather Bounds -- 107C 10M - WHAT a jump, WHAT a top, WHAT an overconfident, early pikeout OOPS 3s

Ann Kenny - 5233D 7M -- back handspring start, archy and whippy with weak jump...got it down short but clean for 5.5s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 5233D 7M -- nice jump, pretty pirouette, solid line and BETTER palms on entry for 6.5-7s

Mary Yarrison -- 403B 5M -- chin down, backed off but strong action...early out to line for 6-6.5s

Miranda Maas -- 205C, 7M -- head and shoulder pull on takeoff made for a weak jump...difficulty finding spots, so she came out short for 4.5s


Round 5



Kari Retrum -- 612B 10M -- piked in the armstand til the last second...NICE somie, great lineup for 7-7.5s

Taryn Ignacio -- 101B 10M -- nice start, open in the pike and not enuff hips up...short and heavy for 6.5-7s

Emily Hunter -- 5132D 10M -- a little weak with the throw...slow and smooth, got it down for 7-7.5s

Brooke Sullivan -- 5132D 7M -- excellent jump, a little stuck...opened chest a little for the stretch on entry for 5.5-6.5s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 612B, 7M -- archy armstand, questionable hold...nice pike, nice line for 7-7.5s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 612B 7M -- played around and bounced in the pike..great line up for 7.5-8s

Alicia Bradley -- 5132D, 7M -- a little quick down with the chest on takeoff...pretty twist, got it down well for 6.5s

Heather Bounds -- 5231D, 7M -- nice press and jump, a little short of reach, so it was stuck..lined up well, but finished low for 6-6.5s

Ann Kenny - --5231D, 7M - swingy, head pull on takeoff so it cast over on bottom -- 5.5-6s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 5132D, 7M - nice jump good lines, needs palms! 6.5-7

Mary Yarrison -- 5132, 5M -- strong dynamic dive for 7s

Miranda Maas -- 5132D, 7M -- fell forward, a little archy


Round 4


Kari Retrum -- 401B -- touched a little past vertical, held well, but slightly long for 6.5-7s

Taryn Ignacio -- 403B 10M --great jump and line, but still a little "unhollowed" on entry for 6.5-7s

Emily Hunter -- 403B 10M -- pulled shoulders back as she threw for the somie, hard to find lines that way... mechanically over and reached underneath for entry -- 5.5-6s

Brooke Sullivan -- 301B 7M -- nice jump, reached past a bit for the touch then pulled slightly long for 6.5-7.5s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 301B, 7M -- nice jump, a little leaned out...touched on ankles, great line for 6.5-7s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 403B 7M -- ducked chin throughout a strong action, over for 4-4.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 612B, 10M -- solid throughout, great rip 7-8

Heather Bounds -- 403B, 10M -- slow and a little short...missed the scores

Ann Kenny - --403B, 7M - upper body seemed locked throughout, so she stayed piked and went over on the bottom for 4.5-5s

Jenna Hastreitter -- 612B, 7M - questionable hold on armstand, a little underneath for the close...over for 4.5-7s

Mary Yarrison -- 303C, 5M -- solid mechanics, coulda used some more stretch on entry -- 6.5-7

Miranda Maas -- 401B, 7M --solid, a little archy missed the scores


Round 3


Kari Retrum -- 5134D, 10M -- Strong jump, pretty twist, saved a little short for 6-6.5s

Taryn Ignacio -- 301B 10M -- nice jump, great touch, a little abrupt upper body on the out, 6.5s

Emily Hunter -- 612B, 10M -- solid, nice fall into the somie, good lineup -- 7-7.5s

Brooke Sullivan -- 403B, 7M -- chin ducke on takeoff made this dive WAAYYY SLOOOW stayed with it and got it down for 5.5-6.5s

Kimberly Driscoll -- 403B, 7M -- STRONG jump, gorgeous pike, excellent out and entry - 7.5-8s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 301B -- nice start, but pulled shoulders during touch, and then pulled over on bottom for 4.5-5s

Alicia Bradley -- 301B, 7M --Good jump and lines, didn't reach through on entry -- 6s

Heather Bounds -- 612B 7M -- nice armstand, a little slow in the somie, slightly piked on entry...missed the scores

Ann Kenny -- 612B -- nice armstand, a little loose with midsection while coming into somie, so it lacked sharpness and definition..ok bottom for 6.5-7s

Jenna Hastreitter --403B, 7M -- nice start, then tightened shoulders during somie..lined up underneath and rolled for 5.5-6.5s

Mary Yarrison -- 401B, 5M -- backed off a little, played around trying to find lineup..6-7

Miranda Maas -- 301B, 7M -- swingy bit controlled the out enuff for 6s


Round 2


Kari Retrum -- 113B, 10M -- too much lean on takeff, head down a little in the fly...over for 5.5-6s

Taryn Ignacio -- 5132D, 10M -- GREAT jump, pretty twist, open chested and archy on lineup for 4.5-5.5s

Emily Hunter --101B, 10M -- nice jump, a little jerky/boucy in the pike, great out and line for 7.5-8s

Brooke Sullivan -- 101B, 7M -- nice jump, pretty pike, solid line and rip -- 7-7.5

Kimberly Driscoll -- 103B, 7M -- fell forward then and got chesty on the out -- 5.5-6.5s

Kirsten Ytterbo -- 101B, 7M -- a little shift forward while jumping, then EXCELLENT form, great rip for 7-7.5s

Alicia Bradley -- 101B, 7M -- jumped way stuck, and broke position BADLY -- 2s

Heather Bounds -- 103B, 7M -- too upper-body on the takeoff, so a little low and chesty on the out...5.5-6

Ann Kenny -- 101B, 7M -- lacked extension on jump, so stuck and slow, hard to get out and line up...4.5-5.5

Jenna Hastreitter --103B, 7M -- 6.5s, solid, a little short

Mary Yarrison -- 103B 5M -- strong dynamic jump, nice pike and line...suffered from being on 5M judges only gave her 6.5s

Miranda Maas -- 103B, 7M -- falling and catching herself on the takeoff, she controlled in nicely, got it down for 7s


Round 1

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