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Girls 13 & under
Jeff Stabile

Girls' 13 and Under 1M Finals: Round One is on the bottom, Round Eight is on top...First diver in the round is at bottom, subesequent divers on top. Enjoy!

Lizzie -- 303C -- GREAT jump, GREAT top and spotting...WONDERFUL line and rip, 6.5-7.5s

Kara -- 403B -- faded back with shoulders on the start, dive was slow, finished OK for 5.5-6s

Ali -- 403C -- slightly cut off, great form and control, fantastic entry for 6.5-7s

Brittany -- 403B -- strong, bent arms in press and throw...nice pike and great entry for 6-6.5s

Marisa -- 203C -- faded back, kicked with legs apart a bit...over for 4-4.5s

Kelci -- 303C -- WOW everything right on this, but low despite the obvious power...6.5-7s

Katie -- 6-6.5s --HUGE jump, nice top, a little reached under for a wash by on the bottom

Hannah -- 403B -- nice mechanics with upper body, but lacked ankle extension on takeoff...low and short for 5.5-6

Aly -- 403B -- strong jump and mechanics, but lacked control on the out..swung the dive over for 4-5s

Chelsea -- 403C -- strong start, ducked chin and weak kick made over for 4.5-5s

Erika -- faded back on press, but nice mechanics after that out too far for 5.5-6s

Katie -- 303C -- nice hurdle and ride, slow arms that didn't quite reach so it was slow for 4.5-5s


Round 8


Lizzie -- 203C -- high, dynamic, smooth with a good tuck -- 6.5-7s

Kara -- 203C -- nice standup and start, early GREAT kickout action, short for 4.5s

Ali -- nice mechanics, loose abs on takeoff and out...archy short for 5-5.5s

Brittany -- 203C -- -- good head position throughout, but tight shoulders on the reach made her pull back and lose the sense of the verticals...early out and short for 4-4.5s

Marisa -- 403C -- a little quick on the press and early off the board.. a little back with a good lineup for 5.5-6s

Kelci -- 203C -- fade back on press, but excellent kick and line up for 6-6.5s

Katie Giarra -- 203C -- slow arms on start, a little back.,..nice lines and kick for 6-7s

Hannah -- 203C -- solid, but a little long for 5.5-6s

Aly -- 104B - slow arms in press and a stomped board made this a SLOOOOWWW top, difficult to recover from -- short for 3.5-4s

Chelsea -- 303C -- stond and dynamic, a little shoulder pull on the takeoff reasserted itself on the out - long for 4.5-5s

Erika -- 403C -- solid enuff, but not lotsa oomph -- played it conservative for 6s

Katie -- 105C -- nice ride, a little chin duck on takeoff and entry made it difficult to kick out fully...rolled in unextended for 4.5-5s


Round 7


Lizzie -- 403C -- overpowered and split with the chin ducked...way over for 4.5-5s

Kara -- 104B - excellent standup, but not enuff reach...low finishing on a good line for 5.5-6s

Ali -- 104C -- Nice start, but funky out where she lifted the shoulders and elbows up -- 4.5-5.5s

Brittany -- 104B -- cut off, fast spin, nice line on bottom for 5.5-6s

Marisa -- 104C -- smooth and strong, a little forward through the hurdle so it was out 6-6.5s

Kelci -- 403B -- excellent press and jump, a little cut off, a little open in the pike, great lineup for 6-6.5s

Katie -- 104C -- stepped back out of hurdle...recovered nicely, but went slightly long due to angle of takeoff -- 6.5s

Hannah -- 104C -- wow...high, smooth top, great kickout and line for 6-7s

Aly -- 303C -- great start and good kick..a little soft with the midsection on theacked off and unfolded out of the tuck 6-7s

Chelsea -- 105C -- forward through hurdle, forward off board so it finished low and without kicking fully out -- 3.5s

Erika -- 104C -- cut off so it finished low -- 4.5-5.5s

Katie -- 403c -- not the strongest jump...nice spin and great clean entry for 6-6.5s


Round 6


Lizzie - 5132D -- nice standup but no throw, so pretty and short for 5.5-6s

Kara -- 5132D -- strong boardwork, way down with the chest on the start, so it was forward...nice twist and controlled out for 6s

Ali -- 5223D -- a bit back, dynamic jump and twist, nice finish for 5.5-6s

Brittany -- 5132D -- good boardwork, strong ride, wobbly twist and ducked chin on entry left it short for 5.5s

Marisa -- 5223D -- smooth mechanics, a little tentative looking in the somie, so slightly short for 5-5.5s

Kelci -- 5231D -- a little faded and pulled on takeoff, controlled bottom nicely for 5.5-6s

Katie - 5223D -- WOW high, strong, smooth, excellent definition in squareout...5.5-6.5

Hannah -- 5223D -- nice and smooth, a little back and open-chested on entry -- 4.5-5.5

Aly -- 5132D -- great standup but no throw makes the dive die in the middle...fall to water piked -- 3.5-4

Chelsea Davis -- 5223D -- 5-6s sorry, missed it meet administrators asked us to move...

Erika -- 5132D -- REALLY cut off and low -- short for 3.5-4s

Katie -- 5132D -- strong boardwork, forced with chest, hard to lineup, slighty over -- 5.5-6s


Round 5


Lizzie -- 401B -- nice start, but unextedned with toes from board -- soft feet and slightly short for 6.5-7s

Kara -- 401B -- nice mechanics/boardwork, then cut it off on a strong jump, so it was quick and over -- 6.5-7

Ali -- 401B -- EXCELLENT start...a little circled underneath to the close, disturbing the purity of the lines -- 7-7.5s

Brittany -- 401B -- strong jump, backed off and again a little lazy looking -- 6.5s

Marisa -- 301C -- nice start and tuck, but pulled out with body instead of kicking..over for 4.5-5s

Kelci -- 301B -- archy out left it short for 5.5-6s

Katie -- 301C -- slow arms, weak push made the dive sluggish, but the lines were great for 6.5-7s

Hannah -- 401B -- smooth, but low...nice lines for 6.5-7s

Aly -- 301B -- nice reach, again the lack of abs into pike or out makes it look wobbly -- 4s

Chelsea -- 401B -- nice lines and arms -- needs more feet on entry -- 7-7.5


Round 4


Lizzie Nuckols -- 301B -- swingy, but controlled the out and got good lines for 7-7.5s

Kara Salamone-- 301C -- nice lines, not enough reach, not really established tuck -- 6.5-7s

Ali Leahy -- GREAT start, but pulled on the out...long for 6.5-7s

Brittany Hill -- 301B -- mechanics look solid, but she lets things get sloppy, goes long for 5.5-6s (style reminiscent of McKenzie Murphy :)

Marisa Samaniego -- 201C -- fade back in press and quick tuck to kick...pulled long for 5.5-6s

Kelci Bryant -- 201B - short touch and quick out left it short for 6-6.5s

Katie Giarra -- 201C -- slightly tighted shoulders restricted range of motion in press and reach...a little low with good form and lines --- 6.5-7s

Hannah Moore -- 301B -- nice mechanics, but short to the touch and dropped in short - 6.5-7s

Aly Oliver -- 201B -- GREAT standup, no tight abs, so loose lines throughout -- 3.5-4s

Chelsea Davis -- 301B -- so nice, but those bent arms into the touch shorten her line and speed her rotation up -- washed long for 5.5-6s

Erika Ferri -- 301B -- late arms and body pull on start, short touch, dropped short -- 5.5-6s

Katie Hynes -- 301B -- slow arms to reach and pulled body out for 6-6.5


Round 3


Lizzie Nuckols -- 201B -- open in pike slightly short to the touch and short on the line...6.5-7.5s

Kara Salamone-- 201C -- nice jump and stand up, but a little short of reach with the arms caused a slight shoulder pull..washed ever so slightly long for 7-7.5s

Ali Leahy -- 201B -- incredible lines, great touch and pike, beautiful entry -- 7-7.5s

Brittany Hill -- 201B - tight shoulders as she reached, swung way over...5-5.5s

Marisa Samaniego -- 401B -- a litle back, a little twisty and swingy on entry - 6-6.5s

Kelci Bryant -- 101B- nice explosive action, cut off and lined up early to go short for 6-6.5

Katie Giarra -- 101C -- a little back on the board out of the hurdle, smooth and solid, but lacking oomph for 6.5s

Hannah Moore -- 201B -- sat back, a little loose with abs into the pike, droped legs back short on the out for 5.5-6s

Aly Oliver -- 101B -- arms in front in lift into hurdle, a little out with a nice ride, good touch, archy on entry -- 6.5-7

Chelsea Davis -- 201B - crowhopped and bent arms into touch (and with such nice lines, that's a shame to see...)...nice lines and a little over for 6-6.5s

Erika Ferri -- 201B -- nice stand up/line, pulled out and washed over -- 5.5-6

Katie Hynes -- 201B -- faded back, open chest and head position in the pike, smooth out to a slightly short lineup -- 5.5-6


Round 2


Lizzie Nuckols -- 101B -- high, nice, a little jerky out to a slight arch -- 7.5-8

Kara Salamone-- 101B --nice boardwork and ride, high, good touch, a little circle under to the close -- 7.5-8

Ali Leahy -- 101B -- nice and dynamic, cut off and short -- 5.5-6.5

Brittany Hill -- 101B -- solid mechanically, but kinda slow and heavy looking...6-6.5s

Marisa Samaniego -- 101B -- WOW probably THE voluntary of the event -- nice boardwork, high jump, beautiful form, great clean lines, disappeared -- 7.5-8.5s

Kelci Bryant -- 401B -- quick down into it, great pike and line up -- 6.5-7s

Katie Giarra -- 401C -- pulled chest and throew hard into dive...swung over on the bottom for 6.5-7s

Hannah Moore -- GREAT standup and pike, a littlwslow on the out and unextended through the entry -- 6.5-7.5

Aly Oliver -- 401B -- strong, dynamic, expolsive...slightly short for 6.5-7s

Chelsea Davis -- 101B -- excellent dive, arms bent from reach off board into touch -- distracts from the lines...6.5-7

Erika Ferri -- 101B -- sloppy stepout of the hurdle, good standup, shoulders a little tight to the lineup -- 6-6.5

Katie Hynes -- 101B -- high, smooth takeoff, funky arms on out -- 6-6.5s


Round 1

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