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13 and Under Boys' 3M Finals
Jeff Stabile

Boys' 13 and Under 3M Finals: Round One is on the bottom, Round Eight is on top...First diver in the round is at bottom, subsequent divers on top. Enjoy!






Michael McDonald -- 5235D -- fall back and low, but great twist and nice line up for 6-6.5s

Evan Linette -- 405C -- strong all the way through beautiful tuck, nicely held line for 7.5-8s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 405C - strong action, a little head duck on takeoff and entry, but solid for 6-7s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 405C -- great start, then funky lift of chest after kick to go short for 3.5-4s

Burkley Showe -- 205C -- strong, but tight-shouldered...spun well, but open in the tuck and couldn't stretch it through...3.5-4.5s

Jonathan Creasy -- 405C -- nice standup and top -- ducked chin and split the tuck, over for 4-5s

Corry Christian -- 305C -- head throw on the takeoff, coupled with loose abs, made it slow and archy short for 3-3.5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 404C -- solid command of the lines, great kick, but judges not liking the feet first entry for 5.5-6s

Scott Derner -- 305C -- quick off into it, a little early on the out and not enough commitment to look back and stretch -- 3-3.5s

Kyle Mitrione -- 205C -- nice jump, a little too upper body oriented on the takeoff...loose out for 4.5-5s

James Bisordi -- 403B -- a little quick and flat-footed from the board..nice form, great rip for 6.5-7s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 5233D -- solid and smooth, heavy for 5.5-6.5s


Round 7


Michael McDonald -- 205C -- too much body, not enuff legs and arms on takeoff...ended up low and a hair short for 5-5.5s

Evan Linette -- fell forward through the hurdle...out, but smooth, over for 5.5-6s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 5235D -- wide with the arms on thetakeoff, forced into the wrap...wobbly and short for 4-5s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 205C -- fell back and pulled with the chest on the out...over for 4-4.5s

Burkley Showe -- 405C -- had the top, but wasn't confident on the out...weak kick went over for 4.5-5s

Jonathan Creasy -- 205C -- great standup and arms through on takeoff...a little head back and split in the tuck...good kick long for 5.5-6.5s

Corry Christian -- 205C -- WOW got the arms through GREAT on the takeoff...way up in the air, great spin, good kick and line for 6-6.5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 5233D -- a little head pull and weak abs on the takeoff made it slow in somie...nice twist, solid square and line for 5.5-6s

Scott Derner -- 205C -- nice standup coupled with slow arms means slow spin...got on the head well for 5.5s

Kyle Mitrione -- 405C -- strong mechanics, sloppy form, and sloppy but strong kick...5-6s

James Bisordi -- 5233D -- fall and pull on the takeoff make the dive fast and hard to stop...over for 5-5.5s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 403B -- solid standup, nice pike, not fully stretched on entry...6s


Round 7


Michael McDonald -- 105B -- quick and dynamic, a little weak on the out, but then lined up well for 7-7.5s

Evan Linette -- 105B -- WOW nice standup, great smooth spin, high finish, and rip for 7.5-8s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 105B -- a bit cut off, but really smooth spinning and great lineup for 6.5-7s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 105B -- way early on the out for 4.5-5s OOOPS

Burkley Showe -- 105B -- got the arms through and went after it...spun great, a little off on the lineup for 6.5s

Jonathan Creasy -- 105B -- nice hurdle and standup...open in the pike and a little short for 6-6.5s

Corry Christian -- 105B -- flat-footed on takeoff and throughout dive and slow-spinning, short for 4.5-5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 105C -- same hurdle as twister...maybe that's his style...meant too much body into the somie -- our and hard to line up..for 5.5-6s

Scott Derner -- 5235D -- smooth pretty twist, but lacked somie, short for 4.5-5s

Kyle Mitrione -- 105B -- anxious to the start and didn't let the hips ride...made the like on the bottom difficult..got chesty for 4.5-5s

James Bisordi -- 105B -- good standup, a little flat-footed on takeoff, so slow and not so pretty for 5-6s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 105B -- trying hard to make a big dive..muscled and over for 3.5-4s


Round 6


Michael McDonald -- 5132D -- solid dive for 6.5-7s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 5134D -- ducked chin and lost the legs on the second twist for 5.5-6s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 5233D -- swingy, a little by for 6s

Burkley Showe -- 5132D -- low and heavy looking with the somie...nice twist, good squareout and rip...6-6.5s

Jonathan Creasy -- 5132D -- nice standup, great lines...still looks a little tight in the shoulders on the square...7-7.5s

Corry Christian -- 5233D -- short of reach and leaned on the takeoff left the dive kinda out and short for 4.5-5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 5132D -- loose with body landing out of hurdle..nice recovery, pretty twist, great rip for 6-6.5s

Scott Derner -- 5134D -- a little slow in the twist...solid square and finish for 5.5-6s

Kyle Mitrione -- 5233D -- quick pull off the board into the twist left it cast and short for 5-5.5s

James Bisordi -- 5132D -- a litle forward through the hurdle, out and a bit over for 6s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 5134D -- cut off, on his head for 5-6s


Round 5


Michael McDonald -- 201C -- moving body during press, so it's low and back...nice tuck and kick, archy through -- 7-7.5s

Evan Linette -- 401C -- strong jump, nice tuck, a little ducked and reached under on the entry for 7s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 401B - nice start! jerky with the amrs and upper body on the out, when I know he can be smoother...maybe turning those 8s into 9s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 401B -- cautious, didn't go after the lines the way he can....finished low and unextended for 7s

Burkley Showe -- 401B -- a little low with chin duck on takeoff, again the arms thing on the out, good rip 7-7.5s

Jonathan Creasy -- 301B -- way out, but beautiful outside that movement forward through the press...6.5-7.5s

Corry Christian -- 301C -- great hurdle and jump, not enough reach to get the lines...over for 6-6.5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 401B -- solid, open chested in the pike, making it look less smooth than it could, great entry for 6.5-7s

Scott Derner -- 301B -- nice jump and lines, again with the extraneous motion (circling into pike) and never looking back on bottom -- 6-6.5s

Kyle Mitrione -- 401C - looks nice on the start, then kicks out abruptly and early, lining short for 6.5s

James Bisordi -- 401B -- a little movement back during press...nice form, great line and rip for 6.5-7.5s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 401B -- quick chest into it, archy over for 5.5-6s


Round 4


Michael McDonald -- 301C -- a little scooted from the board, great tuck and kick, nice rip 7-8s

Evan Linette -- 301B -- clean and nice, great line and rip, but waaay out...7.5-9s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 301C -- nice standup and start...smooth tuck and kick, but not quite like Wilcox' form...7.5-8s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 301B -- slightly back on the board, then textbook -- 7.5-8s

Burkley Showe -- 301B -- WOW nice and smooth still think he could jump a bit more...7.5-8s

Jonathan Creasy -- 201B -- great start, but did not press out from touch with any abs/hips, so dropped archy short for 6.5-7s

Corry Christian -- 201C -- a little short of reach and a little pulled on the out for 5.5-6s

JJ Kinzbach -- 301B -- swing city on the takeoff..got it on his head well for 6s

Scott Derner -- 401B -- excellent mechanics, tight shoulders from the touch to the line, so entry was rough for 6.5-7s

Kyle Mitrione -- 301C -- smooth start, great jump, then got LOOSE on the out, dropped legs back short for 4.5-5.5s

James Bisordi -- 301C -- nice standup and start...a little jerky on the out, tight shoulders for the lineup pulled him long for 5.5-6s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 301C -- archy short for 6-6.5s


Round 3


Michael McDonald -- 401B -- moved body a lot during press...backed off, low..missed rip, but solid for 6.5s

Evan Linette -- 201C -- nice standup, great tuck and kick to the line...didn't reach far enough back on the entry, slightly long as a result for 7.5-8s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 201C -- back, jerky, twisty for 6-6.5s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 201B -- WOW what a stand up, gorgeous pike, beautiful out and rip -- 8-8.5s

Burkley Showe -- open and back with the shoulders on reach, nice recovery into the pike, good press away, nice line for 7-7.5s

Jonathan Creasy -- much more relaxed and nice start...smooth through the pike and lineup for 7.5-8s

Corry Christian -- 401B -- strong dynamic jump, a litle quick down into it, so long with a good rip for 6-6.5s

JJ Kinzbach -- 201B -- leaned back with shoulders a bit, so touched high and went long...beautiful form...6s

Scott Derner -- a bit of extraneous motion (circling arms into pike, chest up then down into the pike) 6-6.5s

Kyle Mitrione -- great jump, nice tuck...arms look tight on reach for takeoff and entry, so it's a little heavy -- 5.5-6.5s

James Bisordi -- 201C -- strong jump, nice tuck and EXCELLENT rip..a little back for 6.5-7s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 201C -- nice stand up tuck and kick...short of reach on takeoff and entry for 5.5-6s


Round 2


Michael McDonald -- 101B -- everything was a litle too quick...short for 6.5s

Evan Linette -- 101C -- nice, but lined up underneath and went long for 6.5-7s

Blaine Hoogenboom -- 101B - great dive, then funky on the out with the arm pattern -- 6.5-7s

Jonathan Wilcox -- 101B -- nice boardwork, dynamic in and out of the pike, a LITTLE archy on the entry for all 7.5s

Burkley Showe -- smooth and pretty, a little low, still don't like the arm pattern on the out...6.5-7s

Jonathan Creasy -- 101B -- strong jump, a little quick in and out of the pike, great line up a hair short for 7-7.5s

Corry Christian -- 101B -- someone walked in front of me, sorry 5.5-6s

JJ Kinzbach -- 101C -- nicely done, beautiful for,, a little low and out..6.5-7.5s

Scott Derner -- 101B - strong jump, a little weak down into the pike so it was stuck and short...6-6.5s

Kyle Mitrione -- 101C -- nice standup, wide arms into the tuck, a little loose on the kickout and entry 5.5-6s

James Bisordi -- 101B -- nice form and feet from Bisordi!!! archy out for 6.5-7s

Jonathan Fennelly -- 101B -- nice standup and rip, a little soft looking in the knees to me, but not to the judges! 7.5-8


Round One

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