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Refinishing Diving Stands
from Springboardsandmore
Suggestions for Refinishing of Corrosion Areas on Durafirm Stands

1.                  Remove all loose paint, blisters, and corrosion by scraping, wire brushing, sanding &/or sandblasting; Protect hinges, tracks and fulcrum parts from damage by these methods.  Get down to clean shiny aluminum where the corrosion has occurred.

2.                  Apply 2 coats of chromic acid** to areas of bare aluminum.  (Find chromic acid** at stores selling paint for metal).

3.                  Factory direct “Buff Color” touch-up polyurethane paint is available from our Springboards and More. You can also use any good quality metal paint (with its primer) for this application.

Suggestions for Refinish of the Entire Stand

If you are removing the stand from the pool deck and spray painting it:

1.                   Do not disassemble the ladder assembly; try to handle it as one unit.        

Remove fulcrum parts except for the tracks; cover the tracks with double layer of masking tape.

2.                   Use only a light sandblast to clean and roughen the surface of the existing paint.  Where the original paint still adheres there is no need to remove it.

3.                   Use chromic acid** (as above) on areas of exposed and its primer.

4.                   Use good quality automotive paint and its primer.  Consult an Auto-body paint shop.

** If your State considers Chromic Acid a hazardous material and therefore, you are not able to purchase it, try using Zinc Chromate instead.

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