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Team USA- USA FINA Meet. May 2002
Photos by Joe Chirico

TEAM USA at FINA Grand Prix

Coral Springs FLA USA

Photos by Joe Chirico

a lone on top.

Back armstand.

EC rips.

Justin and Troy.

Katie Beth Rips back.

Katie Beth Rips.

KB B Twist.

Kimiko on top.

KP lines out.

miami cool cats.

Michelle 305B.

Tom Jones.

USA 2x faces Line ups.

USA 2x Line ups 2.

USA 2x Line ups 3.

USA 2x Line ups.

USA Mens 2x 3m.

USA Smiles.

USA Twist.

usa women 2x 10m.

USA Women's Team 2nd.

USA Women's Team.

walks on water7.

Wilkinson 1.

wilkinson pike.
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