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How to Run A Successful Diving Program
From diving coaches
around the country

Thanks to the PDCA and Steve Voellmecke and others.

Please keep in mind that the following are merely suggestions or ideas from diving coaches around the country about ways to run a successful diving program. You may agree with or not agree with some or all of these points. They are provided as an outline for you to possibly help you improve your diving program and perhaps your standard of living. This idea sheet will continue to grow with more and even better ideas after this forum and after more people have had the chance to read it and add their thoughts to it.

We wish you a safe and successful diving season!

VI.              Recruiting Divers

A.     Summer Clubs / Country Clubs

B.     Post flyers

C.     Local newspapers – Free advertising!

D.     School flyers (Go to school administration to get permission)

WARNING: Be careful about putting flyers in mailboxes as this is a violation of federal law regarding use of mailboxes without paying due postage.

E.      DIVE Safe Programs

F.      Future Champions Program

G.     Guest passes for current divers (“Bring a friend to practice”)

H.     Free Tryouts (Careful – Insurance problems!)

I.        Inter-squad diving meets (entry fees / concession stand / etc.)

J.       “Speedos” NOT mandatory for boys!

VII.            If your divers are having fun, they will want to come back! If parents think your program is worthwhile to their children, they will bend over backwards to keep their kids involved. Most parents just want their children to be happy! Are you up for the task?

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