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How to Run A Successful Diving Program
From diving coaches
around the country

Thanks to the PDCA and many coaches who added to this.

Please keep in mind that the following are merely suggestions or ideas from diving coaches around the country about ways to run a successful diving program. You may agree with or not agree with some or all of these points. They are provided as an outline for you to possibly help you improve your diving program and perhaps your standard of living. This idea sheet will continue to grow with more and even better ideas after this forum and after more people have had the chance to read it and add their thoughts to it.

IV.              Administrating your program

A.     Inexpensive financial software (Quicken / QuickBooks)

B.     Learn how to use this software efficiently

C.     Spend 15-30 minutes each day updating your software (Invoices, fees received, late notices, A/R, A/P, etc.)

D.     Return phone calls within 24 hours whenever possible.

E.      Do you know that if you get up 30 minutes earlier each day that you will add almost 7.5 days to your year? Think about what you could get done in 7.5 days!

F.      Keep a list of “loopholes” in your program and correct them before the start of the next season. It is NOT a good idea to make a policy change in the middle of the year.

G.     Keep accurate and up to date records in your database. This helps when doing mailing, advertising, recruiting, etc.

H.     Monthly newsletter / Program website (Get into the 2000’s!)

I.        Parents must contact you to schedule makeup practices (if your program allows makeups). In most cases, parents will forget to contact you or will just let it slide by. Keep a notebook at the pool where parents can alert you of when they will miss a practice and they can sign up for a makeup (assuming you offer makeups for missed practices)

J.       Keep a file box on pool deck with a file for each diver. Put newsletters, notes and even invoices in each file. This significantly cuts down on postage expenses.

K.    Consider putting your newsletter or notes, etc. online. This greatly reduces copy costs and postage expenses.


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