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When you call me COACH...
By Kevin A Sage

When you call me COACH...

* Do you need some advice?
* Do you need help?
* Do you need guidance?
* Do you want to improve?
* Do you need to focus?
* Are you looking for energy?
* Do you need to be pepped up?
* Do you need to improve your fitness?
* Do you need experience?
* Do you need discipline?
* Do you need to calm down?
* Do you need to set some goals?
* Do you need to reach and exceed your goals?
* Do you need consistency?
* Do you need dedication?
* Do you need to know the rules (written and un-written)?
* Do you need to keep your perspective after a loss?
* Do you need to keep your perspective after a win?
* Do you need to learn about sportsmanship?
* Are you thinking about your team?

Or, do you simply want to learn how to play the game?

Coaches are much more than "game teachers". Hold the title of COACH with respect, honor, and meaning... for it is YOU who provides so many of life's lessons, and kids will NEVER forget the things that you teach them.

Thanks, Coach!

By Kevin A Sage

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