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Judging Pages

Vision and Judging by Wayne Oras

The Yin and Yang Methods of Judging by Jim Brainerd

Yin and Yang are two diametrically opposed forces through whose essences the universe was created and through which cosmic harmony is†maintained. Yin represents darkness and everything that is evil and negative, while Yang†represents light and everything that is good and positive. The Yin method of judging is when the judge starts with a perception of the ideal or perfect dive and looks for faults as†he critiques a dive. This judge begins at ten and takes off for every error made by the diver. The Yang method of judging is when the judge starts at zero and builds a score based upon all of the positive aspects of the dive. more


What I was searching for was a way to better separate dives that were good from those that had a twist that wasn't suppose to be there and those dives that flopped over or short. This idea was intended to be more objective and not based on bias of a particular style or technique used to complete any given dive.


Gold medal for platform diving in 1960, Rome Italy and again in 1964, Tokyo Japan.Former coach at the University of Alabama

"Judges, parents, coaches and divers - donít get into a blue funk over a 1/2 point.Further, so many times a diver (coach or parent) only hears and remembers the low score on his or her own dive and only the high score on an opponentís dive.Most of the time, that score is thrown out.Divers, try not to pay attention to the judging.," more

Suggestions For The Judging of Competitive Diving

by Hobbie Billingsley Gold medal coach and two time Olympic judge.

In most instances it is very difficult to select persons or find volunteers who are willing to serve as diving judgcs. It is natural that they do not wish to be placed in a position where they must pass judgment on the performance of others. Judging fancy diving is not easy for anyone, Even diving coaches and former national diving champions are usually reluctant to judge diving events. However, the job must be done so those who are most qualified should be willing to help.

Judge Daul meet Oras. by Wayne Oras

-- Set a standard for your judging and maintain that standard for every diver.

-- Recognize and understand by sight.--

Failed dives --Form breaks--Complete--Partial-Twisting --Over--Under --When is a twist failed? --What is free position?--Which twisting dives can be tuck? --Which twisting dives can not be tuck? --Ruling .... Fwd 1 1/2ss 1 twist.--Poor boardwork and take off.--Finishing height of the dive.--The position of the dive.

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