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Money Matter
Jeff Schnepper

Profit From Getting Bumped

Government rules say you must be compensated for getting 'bumped' from a flight. Why not hunt for bargains in the process? Here's what you need to know.

Secrets to the cheapest air fares

Flying for less is not a difficult task. Just because the person next to you paid full freight to fly in a crowded coach section of a cross-continent flight doesn’t mean you have to share in that experience.

With the summer season strating this may be helpful for coaches and parents more

Tax strategies certain to attract an auditor Claiming the income tax is unconstitutional, setting up a questionable trust and using an unethical tax preparer are all guaranteed ways to get audited. By Jeff Schnepper

Don't panic if the IRS sends you a letter Most contact from the IRS is triggered by minor issues or common errors -- and there are plenty of 'em. Heck, the IRS might even owe you a refund. By Jeff Schnepper

End-of-the-year tax-saving tips There's still time to save on taxes. With a little planning, you can save a bundle on your next return. By Jeff Schnepper

The ultimate tax shelter: owning your own business The surest way to reduce your taxes is to convert personal expenditures into allowable deductions. Turn even a hobby into a business and you'll cut your tax bill. By Jeff Schnepper

Self Employment I'm self-employed. What special deductions am I entitled to?

Unlucky 7: The top taxpayer mistakes Here's the lineup of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make. You can learn how to avoid them. By Jeff Schnepper

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