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Gregory K. Lott Cooperstown NY


I am a first year high school diver from Cooperstown NY. Though I began diving just a month ago I've fallen in love with the sport and have had some success.In the pass week I've been having some problems learning a couple of new dives and I thought that you may have some suggestions.(all of our diving is from a 1 meter board) The first of the two dives I've been working on is a back 1 1/2 ss 1/2 twist in the free position. I've found that though I have enough time to complete the dive in the air, I'm taking the 1/2 twist right off the press. At what point in my dive should my 1/2 twist be complete and how do I keep myself from twisting right off the board? The second dive I've been working on is an inward 1 1/2 ss in the pike position. The reason I do the dive in pike is because when I attempt it in tuck most of the energy I place in my approch I use to push away me from the board insted of upward. For some reason, when I do the dive pike I go up strait.When doing this dive, what elements should I focus on to gain high scores. What do the judges want to see in that dive? Thank you very much for your time, I'm sure your responce will be much help.

Answer by Larry May, Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA


Dear Gregory:

The first twisting dive that I teach is a back somersalt with a half twist. The first skill is a back somersalt Skill Progression:

1. strong back dive straight - Keep your arms straight as you swing through to set

2. Back somersalt straight - As soon as your get to the top of your reach pull your straight arms down to your waist as you squeeze the bottom of your butt and lift your legs. When you can finish the somersalt without piking you arer ready to add a half twist.

3. Back somersalt half twist - Reach through with straight arms slightly behind and above your head .Keep both arms up. Wait as long as you can in the somersalt and drop the arm on the side that you want to twist to shoulder level and keep looking at that arm as you finish the twist. You must look at that arm the entire time .

4. Back 1 1/2 somersalt 1/2 twist The twisting arm motion is now changed slightly. Instead of dropping the arm to shoulder level you must agressively bend your elbow as you pull behind you ( as if you were elbowing someone behind you ).. Straighten the arm out to shoulder height as your move your other arm to the same position and bend at the waist in a pike position. Look at the water and line up your entry.

The most important things to remember are: Master step 3 before you go on and wait as long as you can to twist.



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