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Hobie Billingsley Coaches Clinic
Evanston Township High School


Hobie will be coming to Evanston Township High School for a three day clinic on June 1, 2, & 3, 2001. This is a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He is here to "TEACH COACHES TO COACH".

For those of you that don't know Hobie, he has been one of the most successful Diving Coaches of all time. While at Indiana University, he produced many Big Ten, NCAA, National and Olympic Champions. He has served as the USA's representative on International Judging panels including the Olympic Games. He is the Diving's Goodwill Ambassador to the World. I consider him as the Father of Modern Diving and Coaching in the World. Other Info about "The Man" is contained on this site under "The Hobie Factor".

The clinic will include:

A Technical Analysis of Diving Using the Principles of Physics which includes an understanding of "Newton's Laws".

For further information and/or registration call:

Hobie at 941-408-1876 or 812-336-8144
Jim Blickenstaff at 847-299-5495
Price for the 3 day clinic = $200.

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