Badger Diving Invitational & Southern New York Diving Association Championship Meet

May 31 & June 1, 2003               

Lehman College APEX Aquatic Center

250 Bedford Park Blvd West

Bronx, NY 10468

Meet Director: Mike Darland (914) 522-5440


    World Class Facility

      Dive with some of the best divers on the East Coast Make this your first meet of the 2003 Summer Season                                                                 

  Badger Diving Invitational &

          Southern New York Diving Association

Championship Meet

May 31 & June 1, 2003

Location:      Lehman College APEX Aquatic Center

250 Bedford Park Blvd West

Bronx, NY 10468

One of only two Olympic-sized swimming pools in New York City.

A multi-million dollar complex designed by internationally acclaimed architect Rafael Vinoly. 

Just minutes south of beautiful Westchester County, New York

And just 20 minutes from Manhattan

Meet Director: Mike Darland (914) 522-5440               Sanction#:   030305


Meet Times: Saturday : 13& Under Only, Open Warm-ups 8:00-9:00, Meet starts 9:30am

                                                Warm-up for Sunday events 3:30-4:30

                        Sunday:     14 & Over Only, Open Warm-ups 9:00-9:45, Meet starts 10:15am

Eligibility:  Divers must have a current 2003 USD Registration Number/Card.  Divers must be

                        accompanied by a USD-certified coach.

Facility:         2 1-meter boards(1-16 ft maxi-flex model B, 1-16ft maxi-flex)

                        1 3-meter board (16 ft maxi-flex)

Awards:        Medals for top 6 places – Novice and Junior Olympic

                        Trophies for Association Champions for Individual Events

                        Trophies for top 3 Teams & Association Championship Team

Fees:             $20.00 per event.  Postmarked by May 24th 2003.  Late entries and deck entries are an additional $10.00 per event.  Make checks payable to: Badger Diving

                        Diving sheets (age group) should be downloaded from:

Fill out diving sheets and send in with entries.

                        Mail entries to:

                                    Mike Darland

                                    122 Beach Ave.

                                    Larchmont, NY  10538

Food:             There will be food and a diving merchandise concession at the pool.

Events:         Events will run simultaneously.  The meet director reserves the right to make changes to expedite and ensure the quality of the meet.

                        Prior to each event, there will be a warm-up limited to participants of that event.  Awards will be presented prior to the beginning of the following event.

Event Schedule:     Junior Olympic and Novice groups will be run together.  Novice divers will be in the front of the diving order.

                        Saturday, May 31

                        1a.  9u, 10/11 boys 1M                               1b.  9u, 10/11 girls 3M

                        2a.  12/13 boys 1M                                      2b.  12/13 girls 3M

                        3a.  9u, 10/11 boys 3M                               3b.  9u, 10/11 girls 1M

                        4a.  12/13 boys 3M                                      4b.  12/13 girls 1M

                        Sunday, June 1

                        5a.  16/18+open boys 1M                          5b.  14/15 boys 3M

                        6a.  16/18+open girls 3M                           6b.  14/15 girls 1M

                        7a.  14/15 boys 1M                                      7b.  16/18+open boys 3M

                        8a.  16/18+open girls 1M                           8b.  14/15 girls 3M

                        Junior Olympic Requirements will be according to current JO rules.

                        Novice Requirements:

                                    9u - Any 4 dives

                                    10/11 – Any 5 dives

                                    12/13 – Any 5 dives

                                    14/15 – Any 6 dives

                                    16/18 & Open – Any 6 dives

                        Front Jump and Back Jump may be substituted as a dive.

                        On 3M Front Line-up and Back Line-up may be substituted as a dive.

                        Divers must have a coach on deck in order to participate in warm-ups and events.  The novice events will run concurrently with JO events in each age group.


                        Meet Hotel                                                    Coaches Social – Saturday 7:00 pm

                        Westchester Marriott Hotel                                    at The Pub Sports Bar at the

                        670 White Plains Road                                            Westchester Marriot Hotel

                        Tarrytown, NY 10591                                               (Light dining, bar, pool table

                        800-882-1042                                                              available)              

Room Rate: $129 + tax                             Other Entertainment at the Hotel:

                        Diving Discount Rate: $99 + tax                         New Swimming Pool, Video Games

Discount available with reservations               Health Club, Sauna, Whirlpool,

made before 5/9/03                                                Gambits – Weekend Dancing

15-20 minutes to pool by car                               Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse


                   Make it a fun weekend in New York City!  For Hotels and on-line Visitor Guide, see the following website:


                        Please allow 30-45 minutes to get to the pool from Manhattan, due to city delays.

Badger Diving Invitational & Southern New York Diving Association Championship Meet

May 31 & June 1, 2003

Registration Form


Age Group _____________________ Sex _____________________________


Phone _______________________________________________________________

Date of Birth______________________  USD# ______________________________

Coach and Team Represented____________________________________________

Number of Events ______________x $20.00/event = $ _________________________

Late and Deck entry additional $10.00 charge per event

                                                                                      $ __________________________

Please make checks payable to: Badger Diving                                                             

Release Form

In consideration of your acceptance of this application, I hereby for all heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damage I may have against United States Diving, Badger Diving, Lehman College, Michael Darland and their agents, representatives, successors for any and all injuries to me at said meet and premises.

Name of Participant______________________________________Date_____/______/_______

Parent’s / Guardian’s Signature: